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Global Sisters





Global Sisters

Growth Story

Responding to the urgent need for a holistic and sophisticated solution to help communities recover from the events of 2020, and create more sustainable and resilient livelihoods, Marketplacer teamed up with not-for-profit Global Sisters to build Australia’s first impact-driven online marketplace for women-run businesses.


In just a few weeks, the new Global Sisters Marketplace has already received 1,500 expressions of interest, with 150 women already selling and generating income via the platform.

The versatility of online marketplaces means that we can create meaningful opportunities for underemployed and unemployed women, and women starting their own businesses, bringing their incredible talents and wares to millions of buyers worldwide. There is no limit to what these women can achieve and we’re honoured to have been able to play even a small part in helping to support their success.”

Jason Wyatt

Marketplacer CEO


With many women employed in retail and hospitality, as well as the casual workforce, they are amongst the hardest hit by the events of 2020. For some women, running their own small business is the answer, providing them with the flexibility, scalability and creative outlet they need to thrive. But for many, there are significant barriers to launching their own business, including lack of confidence, time, business acumen and access to resources.

In an Australian first, not-for-profit Global Sisters has launched the country’s first online marketplace that is 100% not for profit and solely dedicated to supporting women’s financial independence, with the support of the Marketplacer.

The new online marketplace responded to Global Sister’s urgent need to create a platform that gives them the ability to double down on their impact, enabling more women to join their marketplace and find financial independence.

Global Sisters


Global Sisters

Wrangling the logistics of setting up a business and online store, never mind the costs, are barriers that prove to be too high for many women who are excited by the prospect of working for themselves. Those barriers are even higher for those with low digital literacy, who speak a language other than English, or who do not have an established network or community.

Founded by Mandy Richards, Global Sisters is on a mission to change that. With an ambitious target of supporting 17,000 new women-led businesses in Australia by 2025, this not-for-profit is on the path to creating income streams and financial empowerment for thousands of women and their families. But they needed a simplified online marketplace to support their efforts and support their ‘sisters’ in selling their products in an easy and accessible way.

Project challenges

Marketplacer’s challenge was to build an online marketplace to replace the existing platform, simultaneously removing these barriers and creating a marketplace that:

  • Does not require any special skills or tech knowledge to onboard
  • Provides comprehensive wrap around business support for those with low digital literacy
  • Generates access to millions of buyers around the world
  • Supports businesses selling a wide range of products, services & experiences
  • Supports women-led business and complements Global Sister’s existing website and offering, making it easier for women to take the next step on their business journey

And, of course, to do so quickly to allow women and businesses to rapidly increase their online presence.

global sisters


Global Sisters

In just three months, the Marketplacer team got to work building a full stack implementation marketplace for women-owned businesses. With sleek CMS to support users without a lot of tech know-how, the marketplace showcases a range of wellness and lifestyle products, handmade gifts and unique experiences.

Utilising the latest tech and search functionality, the Global Sisters Marketplace platform is designed to help increase exposure, reach and sales, while removing the structural and systemic barriers that many women commonly face in accessing mainstream employment, sustainable work, and business development.


Receiving over 1500 expressions of interest already, it is clear that there is strong demand for an online platform of this kind. By being able to now provide the infrastructure, training and technical support to women running their own businesses, Global Sisters is making self-employment a viable option, enabling women to be financially resilient and build their businesses. 

With every purchase you make, you are supporting a small business owned by a female entrepreneur. Whether it’s Wiradjuri woman and Indigenous chef, Jo-Ann, who creates modern Koori fusion teas now stocked by T2, or Yoko of Cooking with Koji who runs fermentation workshops and brews world-class miso that was recently featured on Masterchef, or Lila, owner of bVitra, which manufactures natural bath and body products that target arthritis, muscle aches and pains – this vibrant online marketplace is smashing stereotypes and breaking down barriers to employment in one fell swoop. Now is the time to back her brilliance.

Global Sisters


This new platform is helping women change their lives in an authentic, true and honest way by removing barriers that many women face in growing and scaling their businesses. With Marketplacer’s help, we can now provide women with the tools they need to set up their online presence, increase their financial independence and showcase to the millions of buyers around the world the incredible creativity, entrepreneurship and possibility that Australian women possess.

Mandy Richards

Global Sisters CEO