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Melbourne’s prestigious eateries in crisis into a $100M opportunity.







Growth Story


From MoVida to Maha, this is fine dining reimagined: introducing the marketplace solution that transformed Melbourne’s prestigious eateries in crisis into a $100M opportunity

The willingness and camaraderie of Providoor’s partners to try something new and embrace the true essence of a marketplace has been crucial to the early success of the platform.

Jason Wyatt

Marketplacer CEOI


As lockdown laws tightened and Melbourne streets emptied, locals were resigned to choosing between lukewarm phở or soggy pizza for their takeaway dinner. Now, thanks to new Marketplacer-built platform, Providoor, foodies across Victoria are again enjoying the mouth-watering dishes from their favourite restaurants, including Cumulus Inc., MoVida, Flower Drum, Gingerboy and many more.


The brainchild of restaurateur and business owner, Shane Delia, Providoor is a premium delivery service that offers restaurant-prepped, finish-at-home dishes from some of Melbourne’s best venues, delivered directly to your dining table.


With new venues joining weekly and over 46,000 orders placed in September alone, the platform has done more than provide a lifeline for Melbourne’s high-end dining in a time of crisis, seeing restaurants take on more orders than they could when seating in-house. Together, Marketplacer and Providoor have reimagined fine dining, future-proofing the industry and, in turn, scaling a $100M business in just five months.




Beyond the challenge of ensuring that each restaurant’s delicacies survived a trip across town without losing their pizazz, Marketplacer’s challenge was to rapidly design a scalable online solution that seamlessly connected premium hospitality businesses with old and new customers alike in a way they never had before, in an online environment conducive to the brands it serves…and fast.


ipad and mackbook pro on providoor website

Built in just five weeks, Providoor is one of the fastest scaled online marketplaces. In addition to connecting diners and restaurants, the platform boasts a high degree of flexibility and customisation with features such as a grocery section, that allows customers to stock their pantries with their favourite ingredients, to e-commerce functionality that sells diners a range of kitchen and home wares.

With over 230,000 orders received to date and $1.5M in orders processed per week, high-end restaurants are able to engage with a food delivery platform with a difference. Diners also enjoy a UX that meets their expectation from those brands, all through a business that offers a truly supportive and innovative solution to hospitality.


As a result of Providoor, world-class dishes have been making their way to Victorian homes since June. Boasting over 50 of Melbourne’s most coveted eateries and delivering all over the state from the Bellarine to the Mornington Peninsulas, the platform has received 1 million unique visits and counting, with some restaurants now taking more orders than they were pre-COVID.

Providoor has already injected millions of dollars and additional revenue streams into participating restaurants who may not have otherwise survived. The platform is forecasted to reach $100m in annual revenue and is likely to remain a firm fixture of restaurants’ ever-evolving business models into the future.



The Victorian hospitality sector faced many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We needed a solution fast, which is why we approached Marketplacer who not only understood how we could approach the problem in a way that benefits several restaurants, but could do so quickly to respond to the urgent need, allowing us to put money back in the restaurant’s tills.

Shane Delia

Providoor Founder and Chef-Restaurateur