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The Platform That Empowers Low Capital Investment Growth

Expand your eCommerce strategy with experiences that make it easy for operators, sellers and shoppers to transact.


For operators

Marketplacer makes it easy for operators to manage all aspects of their marketplace.

Onboard at pace

Manage sellers via an intuitive admin system that enables simple seller onboarding so you can have a wider assortment without the upfront capital.

Order management

Manage the lifecycle of orders, from ‘new’ to ‘picked’ to ‘shipped’ to ensure customer service levels are maintained. You do not owe anything for the product until the seller ships and only for what they ship as they ship it.

Vet your products

Carefully curate your marketplace using product review and approval tools.

Transactional Tracing

We keep exhaustive records of all elements of our involvement in transactions including commissions, invoices, adjustments, returns, etc. Our remittance advice engine can provide you with daily updates on a per supplier basis.

Support for every seller

The success of a marketplace relies on letting sellers list items as easily as possible. The Marketplacer platform allows sellers to choose from several product creation methods that suit the full maturity curve

Manual upload

An easy way for sellers to add and update smaller product portfolios.

Spreadsheet upload

A simple spreadsheet uploader for sellers to manage their product updates in bulk.

Commerce Engine Accelerators

Our built-in MConnect accelerators offer a baseline integration into leading commerce engines that allows sellers using compliant versions of those solutions to more quickly onboard their products and start receiving orders. They can be augment with other methods in a mix and match fashion.

Comprehensive Api Coverage

Our network of SI Partners or you own team can implement custom built integrations using the Marketplacer API which supports both PUSH and PULL based data patterns.

For buyers

Browse endless aisles

Your shoppers will have an expanded assortment of goods to transact with you while retaining things like loyalty program benefits and scale of purchase promotions.

Seamless buying experiences

Allow customers to purchase from multiple 3rd party sellers in one transaction and we will route the right elements to the right sellers for fulfillment.

Richer shopping experiences

You control the data schema that flows into your system and then the products are just like any other products which means full use of your merchandising, personalization and recommendations tools when implemented correctly.
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How does this platform work_

How does this platform work?

It is simple, we provide the glue that holds you and your 3rd Party sellers together. We help get the product information in a position to fit into your systems, we help route suborders for fulfillment, we provide logistics updates and even help facilitate returns.

Implementation Optons

Implementation Options

Build your marketplace using our adaptable architecture that lets you shape your solution around your existing eCommerce investments. Let us introduce you to our global network of SI Partners.
Why a Marketplacer Strategy?


We are built to integrate into complex technology ecosystems for both sellers and operators. We support both push and pull data movement models with our robust API framework and WebHooks capabilities.