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Go beyond transactional

When a marketplace is more than a transactional platform it helps customers feel connected with a tribe of like-minded people. Marketplacer gives you the tools create a sense of community and belonging for your customers through premium content, membership benefits, curated selections and exclusive offers.

Consumer-first experiences

Grow a community of brand advocates by offering loyalty programs for customers and sellers, sharing regular communications. Use behavioral data to better understand and cater for the needs of your growing marketplace community.

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Give customers a voice

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To establish a member-driven community, customers must develop a sense of belonging. Use Marketplacer integrations and tools to give members the opportunity to interact with each other and engage by participating in product reviews, discussions and open forums.

Be a community destination

Become a convenient one-stop digital shop, where your buyers can get everything they need in your product selection as well as membership benefits and tailored content.

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