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Benefits of a Loyalty Store

Consumers demand more value and convenience in return for their loyalty. A marketplace model offers a holistic opportunity to strengthen every stage of the customer lifecycle, and to take loyalty to the next level: 

  • Increase lifetime value and share of wallet by offering more choice and opportunities for loyal customers to transact more frequently
  • Drive awareness and attract new customers with a products and collaborations that extend beyond your traditional reach and brand value proposition
  • Supercharge rewards activity where your loyalty program becomes a destination for both earn and burn use cases, with the flexibility to redeem with points, cash, or points + cash in a marketplace environment
  • Easily monetise customer data and insights with personalized product recommendations based on segment, individual preferences, or purchase history

Take loyalty rewards to a new level by engaging customers and sellers in loyalty programs. Not only will you increase satisfaction and build long-term relationships, but you will also generate richer customer data to inform future sales and marketing strategies.

Marketplacer provides customizable tools for transforming your existing loyalty programs.

Loyalty store use cases



“Elevate your airline loyalty program to new heights with our marketplace solution.
Enhance customer loyalty by offering a diverse range of rewards, personalized offers, and an extensive selection of products from renowned brands. Our innovative marketplace platform opens doors to new revenue streams and creates a seamless and engaging loyalty experience for your customers.”



“Revamp your telco loyalty program with a marketplace solution that enhances customer experiences.
Harness the power of evolving customer behavior and preferences by offering a diverse range of products, exclusive deals, and personalized rewards. Our marketplace platform empowers telcos to drive customer engagement, foster loyalty, and create a unique ecosystem that keeps customers connected and coming back for more.”

health funds

Health Funds

Reinvent your healthfunds loyalty program by embracing the power of marketplaces. Empower your customers to take control of their well-being by offering them a comprehensive platform that combines health services, wellness programs, and a wide selection of products. With a marketplace solution, you can build loyalty by providing seamless access to sustainable and first-nation brands, encouraging healthier lifestyles, and delivering personalized rewards that keep your members engaged and committed to their health journey.”



Stay ahead in the competitive banking industry by adopting a marketplace solution for your loyalty program.
Leverage the evolving customer expectations and the increasing demand for personalized experiences. With Marketplacer’s platform for success, banks can create an ecosystem that offers exclusive financial products, lifestyle rewards, and tailored recommendations and helps banks drive customer loyalty, increase engagement, and unlock new revenue streams.”

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