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European Marketplaces Report 2023

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Marketplaces have come to define modern ecommerce, with European shoppers using them as a first port of call.
This report explores what the marketplace landscape looks like today and where it is heading as well as answers these 4 questions:

  • What factors are key to a successful marketplace?

  • What attributes do brands need from leading marketplaces?

  • How are marketplaces working to try and protect both brands and customers from fraud, counterfeits, and piracy?

  • What is the technology that drives this sector?

Inside the report they examine the Top 15 marketplaces by traffic in Europe and will drill down into their structure, operation and how they service both consumers and merchants.

  • Top 500 brand profile – Which marketplace hosts the most Top500 companies

  • 100+ figures, graphs and charts that clearly illustrate the insight and research of this dynamic sector

  • Category analysis of Europe’s Largest 100

  • The ability to offer branded storefronts

  • The range of goods offered by Top 500 brands

  • The protection marketplaces offer sellers

  • The road ahead – the consistent momentum of marketplaces and how they are embracing technology and new ways to sell