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Range extension

Become a customer-centric shopping destination by offering new products and ranges without the risk and cost of managing inventory.

Range Extension

Extend range without the overhead

Leave the responsibility of inventory to the third-party sellers on your platform as you extend your ranges at speed.

Start selling new product categories in response to changing consumer trends – without ever having to invest in or hold product inventory.

How to win with a marketplace strategy

Expand instantly

Using plugins for popular eCommerce platforms, you can simply import your supplier’s full product ranges into Marketplacer and have them all appear alongside your existing product ranges. But you don’t need to stop there.

You can then recruit new sellers and bring them into your marketplace – without the need to start stocking their products.

Best shopping experience

Become a one-stop digital shop by enabling customers to browse and choose from an extensive selection of products. By giving customers the best possible shopping experience with fewer out-of-stocks, you will increase basket size and reduce churn.

Less risk, more reward

Carry less financial risk by introducing a zero inventory model with no inventory or warehousing and logistics investment. Not managing growing inventory enables you to easily add an unlimited number of sellers and products without facing traditional roadblocks.

Frequently asked questions

Dropshipping platforms enable sellers – who don’t manage the items they list – to partner with a third-party seller who already stocks these items. Typically, when a customer buys the listed item on the marketplace website, with the help of automation, the third-party seller takes over the process and ships it directly to the customers. The seller’s website acts as an intermediary between buyer and stock, taking a percentage of the sale that is added to the cost price of each item. This creates a connection between wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers.

When deciding on the right dropshipping platform for your business, you can choose to launch your products through an existing marketplace or develop a website from scratch. If you choose to sell your products through an existing marketplace, make sure they offer the necessary features that match your needs and goals. Some dropshipping platforms are designed for listing retail products, some for services, and others a combination of both. Settle for the provider that suits your business needs best. If you choose to build and launch your own marketplace from scratch, Marketplacer can be a valuable helper.

One of the key benefits of dropshipping platforms is how they allow companies to connect suppliers who stock products with sellers who can move their stock via their store to their customers.

This allows suppliers to focus on what they do best: sourcing, stocking, and shipping products, while drop shippers can direct their energy to sell via their brand, and the customer wins with access to a wide selection of goods. It allows sellers to build a brand without needing to worry about producing and housing stock.

Transform the vision you have for the perfect dropshipping marketplace into reality with the help of Marketplacer.

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