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Experience the Marketplacer advantage

Marketplacer offers the full suite of skills, methods, and technologies needed to cut through the complexity of deploying a marketplace.

From connecting to existing ecommerce systems to developing bespoke functionality with web and mobile apps, from leveraging strategic partnerships to connecting buyers and sellers across the globe, we help our customers deploy a marketplace made for growth.

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Our Platform for Success methodology

We bring 10+ years of experience, learnings, and collective expertise to support our customers to execute their own comprehensive marketplace strategy – from launch all the way to day-to-day operations.


This initial stage includes a series of workshops to map out your marketplace, determine your goals, identify your customer needs and set your marketplace up for success.


We use our modular built, feature rich marketplace Core technology, add ons, integrations and connected community of partner businesses to design and build you a tailored marketplace solution.


This final stage covers the managed service aspect of the marketplace, ensuring your marketplace can be optimized to its full potential and drive true commercial value for the business.

Implementing Marketplacer’s Connected technology

Marketplacer’s platform allows for a range of solutions, depending on your business needs. The Marketplacer core drives the back-end. The user experience and shopping cart, search and checkout functionality are all driven by your existing eCommerce engine.

Learn more about our Integrations and technology 

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Stick with the applications that already work for you with our growing collection of Marketplacer-ready integrations.

Discover the Marketplacer technology that will support you – from first marketplace sale to full global scale.

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Frequently asked Questions

Who is Marketplacer and why should we work with Marketplacer?
We are a global technology Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which enables our customers to create and transform into marketplaces.
In a modern world, retailers, brands, distributors, franchises and communities are implementing marketplace strategies that scale beyond physical store and inventory holdings. They are implementing strategies such as shipment from dropship sellers, adding new categories, third party range extension, consolidating markets and rolling out modern revenue models like recurring memberships.
Partnering with Marketplacer means you can save time and scale faster. Our 10+ years of marketplace expertise ensures we deliver on our promise; to make it easier to create successful, scalable and limitless online marketplaces.
What front-end development is required?
You will need to make user interface changes to your existing platform’s theme to introduce the concept of a “seller” to your category list, search results, product details, shopping cart and checkout.
What product data is synced between Marketplacer and my commerce platform?
The Marketplacer connector synchronizes all product details including images, description and variant information, with the option to overwrite in your existing commerce platform.
What is your pricing structure?
Pricing includes a one-time implementation fee that will depend on the complexity of your marketplace and the time it takes to build, plus a low, predictable monthly fee. We also charge a small percentage of your total transaction volume and a usage element for Mconnect and Mstores. Contact us for a more detailed cost estimate.