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Category testing

Introduce and experiment with new products, categories, sellers and verticals, without inertia.

Experiment with category testing

Marketplacer allows you to test products and brands without risk, while providing deeper insight into customers purchasing habits and expectations, and supporting product assortments shaped for maximum revenue opportunities.

How to win with a marketplace strategy

Fail fast, advance confidently

Liberate your team from developmental speed bumps that have prevented the introduction and trial of new products. Marketplaces allow you to be receptive and reactive to change as you experiment with new lines and products, with minimal risk and cost.

Develop in-house products

Gain the freedom to understand what resonates with customers as you use product and behavioral data from marketplace-testing to identify the highest value products that could subsequently be directly sourced and fulfilled.

Devote more time to testing

Unlike traditional eCommerce models, third-party marketplaces pass the burden of inventory, fulfillment, product images and descriptions, and pricing, to the seller. This frees up time and resources to focus on product testing and experimentation rather than website maintenance and logistics.

How to win with a marketplace strategy



Create a customer-centric endless aisle by offering a broad assortment of products that never run out of stock.

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Range extension

Become a customer-centric shopping destination by offering new products and ranges, without the risk and cost of managing inventory.

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Composable Commerce

Composable catalog

Boost your eCommerce Business with a composable approach To your catalog and Inventory.

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