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Grow revenue faster with Marketplacer & BigCommerce

Providing more products for your customers is the fastest way to grow revenue.   Marketplacer & BigCommerce connected is how you can quickly provide more high quality products than you ever could before.  Without losing control of your brand & voice.  With Marketplacer, turn your BigCommerce store into a powerful marketplace or extend your range into new categories.  Increase sales, improve profitability, simplify management and deliver a world-class customer experience with the Marketplacer, BigCommerce Connector.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

How the Marketplacer BigCommerce Connector works

The Marketplacer BigCommerce Connector replaces laborious platform integrations with fast-to-deploy data connections. When new sellers are added to the Marketplacer platform, all their product-related data is synced between Marketplacer and made available to BigCommerce’s eCommerce platform. This enables operators to manage multiple sellers – each with distinct products, catalogs, offerings, and more – while simultaneously harnessing the best-in-class capabilities of each platform.


The Marketplacer BigCommerce Connector allows 3rd Party Sellers to list & sell their products on your BigCommerce storefront.  When Marketplacer is connected to BigCommerce: a Seller’s profile, products, images, shipping, & return policies are all integrated into the customer experience.   Customers enjoy a seamless experience on your BigCommerce storefront.   Product range extended, customers are happy, all of it translates into faster revenue growth.

The marketplace advantage

Scale at speed

Plug into third-party sellers’ systems and provide your customers with a wider choice of offerings from a variety of curated sellers.

Reduce labor cost

Generate more sales with your team with a limitless and flexible platform. Growth can be fluid, fast and fearless.

Diversify your range

Add tens, thousands of other sellers to your site. All of this can be alongside your own products, creating your virtual marketplace, and giving you a share of all the extra revenue.

Innovate without risk

Remain nimble with an evolving eCommerce ecosystem as you experiment and innovate in terms of your product lines and suppliers, without risking your core business.

The marketplace advantage

Step 1.

Book your discovery session to explore the marketplace opportunity for your business.

Step 2.

Our SME’s will assist with building out your very own Marketplace strategy with financial model.

Step 3.

We’ll then collaborate on solution design and technical scope for phase 1 and beyond.

There’s so much more to Marketplacer platform

The marketplace model allows you to expand without boundaries – turning suppliers into sellers, and adding hundreds or thousands of new products to your website without all the hassle of managing inventory and warehousing requirements. And it can all be achieved without disrupting your current customer shopping or delivery experience.

Dropship from 3rd parties

A marketplace platform allows you to integrate with any POS system, dropship globally, return and fulfil items from different storefronts, and allow click & collect – all on one platform.

Create a community

Create a sense of community and belonging for your customers, who feel part of a tribe thanks to premium content, membership benefits, curated selections and exclusive offers.

Consolidate a market

Unite a fragmented buyer/seller landscape and become the destination for your customers to discover tailored content and a perfectly targeted range of offerings.

Book a strategy session to see what Marketplacer can do for you

At Marketplacer, we’re committed to helping you bridge the gap between marketplace strategy and execution. Start your marketplace journey the right way, as we discuss how a marketplace will help you scale and differentiate. Plus, we’ll share the Marketplacer solutions to evolve your existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform into a curated marketplace.

  • Gain the clarity and confidence to develop a defined marketplace strategy to maximise opportunities
  • Get your team on the same page as you align ideas, outcomes and stakeholders
  • Focus on strategic positioning for sustainable, ongoing competitive advantage, including identifying tactical opportunities
  • Understand the Marketplacer technology, including the SFCC Connector, that will underpin your marketplace strategy.

Instantaneous syncing with Marketplacer and BigCommerce Connector

Deliver a shopping experience your customers love while driving industry-leading eCommerce growth. The Marketplacer BigCommerce Connector makes it fast and cost-effective for BigCommerce customers to launch a third-party marketplace and grow.

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