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Launch smarter media that creates an immersive shopping experience

Leverage your existing audience to tap into untapped markets, increase subscriptions and grow new revenue streams with a centralized solution for first-party and third-party products.

1st Party data-powered monetization:

Unlock a new era of revenue growth and user engagement by integrating a marketplace and harnessing the power of 1st party data insights.

Navigating the cookieless future:

Embrace marketplace innovation as your strategic ally in the cookieless landscape, redefining how media companies monetize and connect with their audiences.

Delivering value to advertisers:

Elevate traditional advertising models through marketplace integration, offering advertisers hyper-targeted products aligned with your content campaigns.

Establish long term customer loyalty

Consumers demand more value and convenience in return for their loyalty.

Create a more compelling offer for your audience with a curated shopping journey that recommends relevant products within articles resulting in a trusted purchasing experience that keeps them coming back again and again.

Why a Marketplace Strategy

Leverage your existing audience and attract new customers with products and collaborations that extend beyond your traditional reach and brand value proposition to increase sales.

Quickly launch your own marketplace without purchasing additional inventory or increased logistic investments.

Enhance the customer experience with a curated marketplace, showcasing high-quality third-party product recommendations, that are personalized based on segment, individual preferences, or purchase history.

Capitalizing on trending products and cross-sell into related categories.

Put a path to purchase in front of customers engaging with editorial content or streaming media.

Identify sellers and distributors to tap into latent demand in your loyal customer base while attracting new audiences with an expanded offering.

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