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Grow your retail excellence with marketplace expansion

Discover the path to enhanced retail success by extending your offerings through strategic marketplace expansion.


With the power of personalisation:

Use your extended range to create unique and tailored shopping experiences for your customers

Add products with purpose:

Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating on trend, sustainable and ethical products into your extended marketplace

Data is King

With additional product ranges, uncover new layers of customer data to propel your business towards deeper understanding and success

Grow customer satisfaction through enhanced offerings

We understand the evolving demands of the retail industry and the importance of strategic sustainable growth.

At Marketplacer, our dedicated team collaborates with you to create a marketplace strategy that integrates with your brand’s ethos and incumbent systems. Via our growing Marketplacer Seller Community, we can recommend complementary products within articles and offer a trusted purchasing experience., We’re ready to help add to your long-term customer loyalty to contribute to repeat business and growth.

Why a Marketplace Strategy

Increase share of wallet with loyal customers by offering more choice, win market share with a broader product appeal and reach, and open up new markets by offering new and adjacent categories

Scale your product offerings without the addition of costly inventory or capital risk.

Enhance your customer experience with a curated marketplace, showcasing high-quality third-party product recommendations, that are personalized based on segment, individual preferences, or purchase history.

Capitalize on trending products and cross-sell into related categories.

Leverage valuable marketplace data and analytics to gain insights into consumer behavior, allowing you to make informed decisions and refine your product offerings.

Additional resources

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