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The Marketplace Development Platforms Landscape, Q4 2023



This must-have resource is your guide to understanding the evolving landscape of Marketplace Development Platforms and why choosing the right vendor is more critical than ever.

This report will equip you with industry expertise for:

  • Informed decision-making: In a world where data drives decisions, understanding the latest trends and solutions is paramount. Forrester’s report offers an overview of the world of Marketplaces, equipping you with the knowledge needed to make strategic choices.
  • Vendor selection: With numerous options available, selecting the right Marketplace vendor is a complex decision. Forrester’s report includes Marketplacer as having a multi-tenant SaaS as well as a hosted, private SaaS deployment model.
  • A future-ready tech stack: discover core and extended use cases such as third-party seller integration, drop-ship vendor integration, and buy-side procurement orchestration. We believe these are not just capabilities – they’re pathways to enhancing your business performance and achieving sustainable growth.


The Marketplace Development Platforms Landscape, Q4 2023, 

Forrester’s Overview Of 27 Vendors


Author: Joe Cicman


Contributor(s): Linda Ivy-Rosser, Lok Sze Sung, and Marissa Fritz