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Step by step tutorial: Build a connected integration into commercetools.

Step By Step Tutorial: Build A Connected Integration Into Commercetools.

It’s easy to say the term “composable commerce”, but how easy is it to actually implement? Well it’s straightforward when you’re using the best in class platforms from Marketplacer, commercetools and Microsoft. 

To put our money where our mouth is, we have produced a full step by step tutorial on how you can build the key components of a Connected Integration between Marketplacer and commercetools using Marketplacers APIs and Webhooks.

By the end of the tutorial you will be flowing products from Marketplacer through to commercetools, and orders will traverse back through to Marketplacer for fulfilment, and we do all this using a robust, composable, event driven architecture.

In the tutorial we cover:

  • The project use-case
  • The data flows (products and orders)
  • Data model comparison between Marketplacer & commercetools
  • Marketplacer webhooks (for product created events)
  • Azure Functions (HTTP & Service Bus Topic)
  • Azure Service Bus
  • commercetools composable commerce API (for product creation)
  • commercetools subscriptions  (for order created events)
  • Markertplacer GraphQL Operator API (for order creation)

The tutorial comes it two forms:

  1. full step by step playbook available for from the Marketplacer Developer Portal
  2. full step by step video series, again available from the Marketplacer Developer Portal

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start coding!

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