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Navigating Marketplace Development: Preparing For The Successful Launch Of Woolworth’s New Platform

Navigating marketplace development: Preparing for the successful launch of Woolworth’s new platform


Marketplace momentum is growing as diverse and disruptive businesses launch their own third-party marketplaces. The latest marketplace entry is Woolworths.

Catch this on-demand recording as we explore the rationale behind Woolworths decision to launch a digital marketplace. You will hear from Lance Eerhard – General Manager Everyday Market from Woolworths – who shares the story behind their smart play into the thriving marketplace space, what it means for the grocery giant’s future, and what you can learn from their journey.

“A Marketplace for us, is about extending the range of products we can offer to our customers and staying really true to what Woolworth is…and doing it in a super curated way”

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Jason Wyatt

Co-Founder & Executive Chair Marketplacer

Lance Eerhard

Everyday Market at WooliesX General Manager

Lisa Powell

Head of Retail Practice Amblique