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The Evolution Of The Retail Marketplace: The Impact And Imminent Opportunity

The evolution of the retail marketplace: The impact and imminent opportunity


Now available on-demand, this engaging panel discussion features Barbecues Galore CEO, Angus McDonald, Amblique CEO, Stephanie Byrne, and our very own VP of Sales, Richard Hankin.

They share their firsthand experience developing and deploying a marketplace – from aligning their vision to the marketplace model, to acquiring customers, and developing KPIs around traffic and exposure.

“Something people wrestle with is whether a Marketplace is an approach that is in competition with your core range, and that is just not the case at all” This is about curating those complimentary supporting categories that go around your core offering.”

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Angus McDonald

Barbecues Galore Chief Executive Officer


Stephanie Byrne

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Hankin

Marketplacer Vice President of Sales