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Unbeatable Marketplaces: What’s The Key?

Unbeatable marketplaces: What’s the key?


What’s the winning formula behind the most thriving marketplaces? SurfStitch MD Justin Hilberg, talks to Marketplacer CTO Andy Kelk, and Amblique Growth & Optimisation Lead Magalie Payet, about the secrets of their incredible marketplace growth and success. During the lively discussion they reveal how to:

  • Nail both mental and physical availability: balancing brand and exposure
  • Scale at speed: driving growth and adapting to increased demand
  • Integrate for impact: the ins and outs of marketplace onboarding and logistics

“We wanted to make sure our Marketplace experience was not a real obvious add-on to our customer shopping experience, we wanted to make sure it was deeply integrated, and so Marketplacer is a really flexible solution for us”

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Justin Hilberg

Managing Director SurfStich

Andy Kelk

Chief Technology Officer Marketplacer

Magalie Payet

Growth & Optimisation Lead Amblique