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Marketplacer is a world-leader online marketplace platform with a proven track record of success. Connecting sellers and buyers through an enhanced user experience, our platform delivers the infrastructure and commitment to innovation that will see your marketplace soar to new heights. Build a marketplace from scratch or bring your existing app across to our platform – we start with where you are.


Who is using Marketplacer

Why Marketplacer?

Our marketplace app has been designed with over ten years of experience and has evolved in response to the needs of our clients and the ever-shifting landscape of the global marketplace. We love to adapt and respond to improve our product and service so we can continue offering you a great platform experience. 

If you’re looking to create a marketplace that can provide a seamless extension from your website or app, look no further than Marketplacer. As the online marketplace landscape evolves, we have adapted our app to meet the demands of our clients.

Tools and features range from bi-directional sync of products, streamlined inventory management and order fulfilment to supporting you in expanding your catalogue, generating more revenue, and attracting new sellers and customers.

Our marketplace app technology

Our digital marketplace tool is modular-built, feature-rich, and integrates with a range of partner systems to offer you single destination marketplace solutions to launch your marketplace. When the time comes to create a marketplace app that extends your commerce into a scalable application, we’ve got you covered. Our app is designed to augment and enhance your commerce architecture while putting valuable tools into the hands of operators, sellers and shoppers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a marketplace?

In online marketplaces, buyers and sellers can connect and transact directly via a digital platform, much like a physical market. An online marketplace also unifies multiple sellers, allowing customers to browse a wider range of products and services, and providing a one-stop shopping experience. 

Marketplace software allows owners to add tens, hundreds or even thousands of other sellers to your site to infinitely expand your range.  Marketplacer makes the inventory sync easy, thanks to its integrations with ShopifyMagento and Woocommerce.

The benefit of a marketplace is in offering customers a single destination shopping experience where they can buy multiple products or services from multiple sellers in one place.

A digital marketplace also breaks down stock and inventory barriers of traditional physical marketplaces. The appeal for customers is shopping a wider selection of goods while the appeal for operators is lower overheads and more traffic.

Online marketplaces allow customers to browse 24/7. Providing your customers with an enjoyable and convenient experience will increase their likelihood of returning and recommending your marketplace to their network. 

When it comes to creating a great marketplace and creating a marketplace app, there are a few key things to line up before you hit the ground running.

While Marketplacer is comprehensive in the support and guidance we provide with our software and guide you through strategy, some things will need to come from you because this is your marketplace, after all.

What is your marketplace idea and why do you want to create it? Is it a product marketplace or a service marketplace? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make the big and little decisions when it comes to bringing your vision to life. 

Decide on your marketplace model and how you want sellers and buyers to interact and engage with your brand and business. 

Develop your marketplace strategy and implement it.

Start connecting with sellers and work on building your marketplace platform.

Launch and track your progress, taking stock of what works and what needs work. Iterate. Evolve. And repeat. 

Offering seamless integration and end-to-end user experience, Marketplacer’s online marketplace platform offers your business the opportunity to level up your marketplace and scale with ease. Create a marketplace app to extend your business.