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Setting yourself up for success when launching a marketplace

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With marketplaces showing significant opportunity for growth, many companies and communities are asking how they can tap in. Marketplaces can help retailers expand what they offer in their catalogs and branch out to new brands and markets with less investment risk. They can also scale more easily than dropshipping and better manage sellers, and they can bring communities together, connecting like-minded buyers and sellers.

However, as with any new endeavor, it can be hard to know how to plan and build for success. A lot of ideas get thrown at you on how you can and should build, from whether you should build or just join a giant marketplace to simply dropship. Cost and time are certainly big considerations, especially in the decision to custom build or launch on existing enterprise-grade tech.

In this eBook, we’ve partnered with Web Force 5 and Adobe to compile commonly asked questions as a guide to help set you up for success in both launching and running your own third-party marketplace.