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How to know when marketplace technology is the right move for your business

How to Know When Marketplace Technology is_May 2022(1)
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In recent years, marketplaces have seen tremendous growth, a trend that was further accelerated by the pandemic. For companies struggling to stay afloat when their brick-and-mortar locations closed, transitioning to an online business was a natural next step. But launching a digital platform comes with a unique set of challenges. For starters, a successful platform should be agile, allow for adjustments to your customers’ needs, and keep pace. Choosing the right provider is a crucial step in the launch process.

This primer by Marketplacer, a global tech platform provider, provides key insights from industry leaders and clients alike on how to determine whether a marketplace is right for your ecommerce strategy. Content includes:

  • How to determine if a marketplace meets your needs
  • How to create and execute on a successful marketplace strategy 
  • How to evaluate a potential marketplace partner