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Discover how the Marketplacer platform works

The Marketplacer platform that equips your online storefront with the power to integrate and sell third-party products quickly and flexibly.

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Our approach to streamline marketplace operations

We are on a journey to bring growth to e-commerce businesses around the world by making our technology easy, fast, smart and flexible. 

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Flexible seller discovery & onboarding

Smart AI & ML product mapping & enrichment

Easy marketplace

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Fast & easy launch

Our Platform Overview

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Are you a retailer or brand looking to grow in the e-commerce world? Our flexible technology, thriving community, and proven expertise are here to empower you. We make it easy for you to integrate third-party seller inventory into your platforms, opening up a world of growth opportunities.

Fast marketplace launch

With our vast global partner network you can count on a fast and easy launch experience. From implementation to integration, we partner with the world’s best system integrators and eCommerce platforms.


Fast Implementation

By harnessing the strength of our prebuilt connectors and extensive APIs, we empower operators to effortlessly expand their existing e-commerce enterprises through selling third-party inventory.

Easy seller discovery through our community

Our expansive seller community gives you access to thousands of premium global sellers. With the ability to view seller catalogs and filter for rapid range extension through easy discovery and onboarding of quality sellers and products.

Seller community
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Fast & flexible seller connection & onboarding

Source your products from anyone, anywhere. With our pre-built integrations into major eCommerce platforms, partnerships with large channel managers and a variety of other methods, we make it easy for you to ingest products from millions of different sellers around the world.

Our built-in MConnect accelerators offer a baseline integration into leading commerce engines that allows sellers using compliant versions of those solutions to more quickly onboard their products and start receiving orders. They can be augment with other methods in a mix and match fashion.

Our network of SI Partners or you own team can implement custom built integrations using the Marketplacer API which supports both PUSH and PULL based data patterns.

Our integrations into trusted channel manager systems means products can swiftly become accessible to a multitude of e-commerce merchants through pre-built connections

A simple spreadsheet uploader for sellers to manage their product updates in bulk.

"We needed to upgrade our web site and expand our range to present an even more compelling offer to our customers. Marketplacer has given us the ability and the technology to create a more complete destination for everything in the backyard. The Barbeques Galore online marketplace lets us offer customers all the things they need to make the most of Australia’s Great Outdoors lifestyle."
Barbeques Galore
Angus McDonald, CEO
Barbeque Galore
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Smart product mapping & enrichment

Leave the grunt work to us. Our machine learning-driven features automate manual tasks, reducing labour-intensive tasks and enabling a streamlined approach to rapid product ingestion.

Flexible validation and vetting

With an advanced rules engine, operators can drastically reduce the time spent vetting individual products. Allowing for more time to be spent on product enrichment using bulk transformation tools.

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"At Jarrold, we have a passion for helping small retailers across our city and our region succeed by reaching a wider audience. By establishing Jarrold Store Folk, powered by Marketplacer, we have managed to create a vibrant online store that showcases the very best of what is on offer locally."
Neil Park, Head of eCommerce

Easy marketplace management

The entire Marketplacer experience has been meticulously crafted to prioritize ease of use, speed and flexibility from the very foundation. Whether you’re navigating the sales process, implementing our platform, integrating third-party sellers, managing day-to-day operations, or striving for revenue growth, we’ve streamlined every step to ensure a easy and seamless journey.

Marketplacer categories and product catalog data model is replicated in the Commerce Platforms.

Fexible options for synchronising Seller policies and shipping terms to display online.

Marketplacer is the source of truth for high-quality vetted third-party product information. 

Vendors dispatch orders and tracking information is passed from vendor fulfillment systems to Marketplacer through to the Operator.  Which triggers outbound consumer notifications.

Clients can ingest financial data for reconciliation, compliance, and automating Seller payouts

Marketplacer APIs enable integration with customer service platforms to automate a variety of complex third-party returns and cancellations options.

Seller Performance