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3rd Party Marketplaces: What to Watch for in 2023

With guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst Joe Cicman.

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Joe Cicman

About This Event

We know that 3rd-party marketplace solutions are firmly in the “must-have” category as more and more businesses employ these platforms to reach their customers and expand their brand attributes to new products offered by 3rd-party sellers. In fact, it’s no longer a question of “if” but “when” to implement a 3rd-party marketplace platform solution to grow your business.

Of course, we realize this is a big decision and we know you’ve got questions. How will it impact my current e-commerce initiatives? Does one size fit all? What impact will this have on my customer data? Is now the right time for a 3rd party marketplace?  Can it help us build for growth and enable our company to flourish despite the economic headwinds?

Join our guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst Joe Cicman and Marketplacer Executive Vice President of Go-to-Market Richard Hankin, as they discuss these topics and much more.

  • The state of the industry 
  • What to expect in 2023
  • How and why now is the right time for businesses to implement a 3rd-party marketplace strategy.

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Joe Cicman

Joe Cicman

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Joe helps eBusiness professionals assess, improve, and optimize B2B and B2B2C eCommerce technologies and strategies. As part of the digital transformation team, Joe provides a proven practitioner’s lens for organizations to understand how to deploy the economics of digital commerce that unleash best-in-class outcomes. His research also supports technical teams by covering the tools and software suites for driving online channels, digitally enabled selling, and new direct-to-consumer (DTC) initiatives.


Richard Hankin

Richard Hankin

SVP GTM (Nth America), Marketplacer
Richard joined the Marketplacer team to accelerate marketshare and build upon the partnerships and collaboraBons of this world-leading PaaS company. Following 15 years in the retail game, Rich has a deep understanding of what retailers are looking for and where the industry is heading and revels in the opportunity to change the way businesses think about commerce with Marketplacer’s expert technology that makes growth simple.