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What is a third-party marketplace and why you should pay attention

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What Is A Third-Party Marketplace And Why You Should Pay Attention

About This Event

Third-party marketplaces are currently the biggest disrupter to conventional e-commerce. In fact, marketplaces attract half of all global e-commerce sales, with the top 100 raking in nearly $2 trillion in combined annual sales.

But the marketplace model extends beyond the walls of the behemoths we are all too familiar with. Today, there are new innovative approaches, technologies and e-commerce collaborations that are making the marketplace model affordable and accessible for so many industries – from retail, to sporting and loyalty clubs.

In This Session We Demonstrate:

  • The true definition of a third-party marketplace
  • The different marketplace models and integrations
  • How the technology platforms today enable quick deployment and limitless scalability

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Luke Hilton

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Chris Skelton

Chris Skelton

Chief Revenue Officer @ Marketplacer