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The Dom

Empowering growth: How BigCommerce, Web Force 5, and Marketplacer catalyzed The DOM’s marketplace expansion

In the vast landscape of online marketplaces, The DOM, a thriving e-commerce retailer, embarked on an extraordinary partnership with BigCommerce, Web Force 5, and Marketplacer to forge new frontiers. Join us as we delve into this collaboration, tracing the remarkable trajectory to a connected marketplace.

In May, The DOM introduced its new BigCommerce storefront, an achievement powered by the first integration between Marketplacer and BigCommerce. Developed by Web Force 5, this integration stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions in the realm of e-commerce.

Having leveraged Marketplacer’s platform since 2021, The DOM was driven to elevate its online capabilities and streamline operations. Recognizing the immense potential of a connected marketplace, The DOM sought the expertise of Web Force 5, known for their proficiency in BigCommerce development. It was through this collaboration that the foundations were laid for integrating BigCommerce into The DOM’s existing infrastructure.

How to win with a marketplace strategy

The convergence of Marketplacer, Web Force 5, and The DOM in this momentous partnership aimed to unlock the full potential of both platforms. With Web Force 5 at the helm of development, the fusion of BigCommerce into The DOM’s established Marketplacer ecosystem became a reality, signifying a leap forward in e-commerce integration. marketplace retail brand fashion

Key technologies implemented

Web Force 5 utilised BigCommerce’s Stencil front-end framework to implement Page Builder widgets, enabling The DOM to easily customise and configure key content items on its website.

SearchSpring, a powerful search solution, was integrated to enhance The DOM’s search functionality and provide contextual filtering options, improving the overall user experience.

The DOM by leveraging Klaviyo’s email marketing capabilities, enable personalised and targeted communication with customers, fostering engagement and loyalty.

Web Force 5 implemented enhanced data-driven by product metafields on The DOM’s PDPs, providing customers with additional information such as size charts, features, shipping info, and returns policy.

The cart experience was customised to group products by brand, simplifying the purchasing process for customers, as well as displayed shipping costs, discounts, and tax information per brand, ensuring transparency and accuracy in cost calculations.

Integration capabilities

The collaboration between Marketplacer, Web Force 5, and BigCommerce brought several key benefits to The DOM.


Seamless Data Synchronisation

Marketplacer seamlessly synchronised Sellers/Brands, Categories, Products, and Variants to BigCommerce, ensuring up-to-date and accurate information on The DOM’s website.


Streamlined Order Management

Orders placed on BigCommerce were automatically synced to Marketplacer, allowing for efficient order processing and management.


Streamlined Shipping Experience
The integration between Marketplacer and BigCommerce facilitated real-time shipment updates, ensuring that customers received up-to-date tracking details as orders were fulfilled by sellers. BigCommerce Shipping App allows for accurate shipping price calculation, combining costs from multiple sellers into a single transactable cost. The app also respected free shipping thresholds for each brand individually, enhancing the customer experience and encouraging sales. fashion retail marketplace

Benefits and achievements

The partnership between BigCommerce, Web Force 5, and Marketplacer provided The DOM with numerous advantages.

The collaboration ensured that The DOM’s existing 100+ seller workflows and integrations with Marketplacer were seamlessly maintained, minimising disruption during the transition.

Through Marketplacer’s efficient synchronisation capabilities, inventory, pricing, and availability updates from The DOM’s 100+ seller systems were synchronised to BigCommerce every 15 minutes, enabling accurate and timely information for customers.

The integration resulted in improved page speed performance and reliability, enhancing the overall user experience and driving customer satisfaction.

BigCommerce’s extensive ecosystem of payment providers and third-party apps provided The DOM with the flexibility to choose from a wide range of options, further enhancing their marketplace functionality.

The DOM success

The partnership between Marketplacer, Web Force 5, and BigCommerce proved to be a resounding success for The DOM. By leveraging the strengths of each platform, The DOM transitioned to a connected marketplace solution that offered enhanced functionality, improved operational efficiency, and a seamless user experience. The collaboration between these industry leaders demonstrates the power of strategic partnerships in driving innovation and delivering exceptional experiences for customers. fashion retail website launch

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