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Everyday Market from Woolworths is meeting Australia’s insatiable appetite for online shopping with the help of Marketplacer



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Growth Story

  • Everyday Market from Woolworths is an extended range proposition, offering customers a broader range of products and categories fully integrated into
  • Customers are able to collect Everyday Rewards points on their Everyday Market purchases (other than for excluded purchases).
  • A consistent policy across shipping, returns and customer service makes for a seamless customer experience.
  • More than 11,000 items are currently being offered along with ambitious goals to grow the number of products on offer.
  • The Everyday Market’s third party seller community will continue to increase, with many more businesses onboarding as sellers on Everyday Market.

“Marketplacer has enabled Woolworths to create a curated marketplace that features a growing array of quality products which customers can purchase as easily as their weekly groceries.”

Mark Mansour

General Manager, Everyday Market from Woolworths


Woolworths expands online offering by providing access to a range of third-party sellers

Founded in 1924, Woolworths has grown to become Australia’s largest and most trusted grocery retailer. In late 2021, the company launched Everyday Market from Woolworths which provides shoppers access to an extended range of products from various third-party sellers, big and small. To date, more than 11,000 new products are available online for customers to purchase on Everyday Market across a number of categories such as household, baby, health, beauty and pet.

Over the last few years online orders and home delivery services have grown rapidly across Australia. This trend accelerated in the wake of COVID-19, with Woolworths at the forefront of this changing customer behaviour.  With an increasing number of people becoming comfortable with purchasing their groceries online at finding the Woolworths online experience convenient, easy and efficient, , Woolworths saw an opportunity to extend its range with complementary products by partnering with various 1st party & 3rd party sellers.

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woolworths challenges

As would be expected, the integration of a marketplace into the existing Woolworths eCommerce shopping experience presented some challenges that have been overcome in partnership between Marketplacer and Woolworths:

  • Most Woolworths deliveries occur from Woolworths branded trucks and don’t leverage external fulfilment options, whereas Everyday Market orders are fulfilled and delivered using external fulfilment options. Ensuring this was easy for customers to understand has been critical to the proposition.
  • Range availability for eCommerce is tied to a store location and fulfillment type (delivery vs. pickup) which is different to how Everyday Market functions (all is delivered). This required some customisation from the Marketplacer platform
  • Ensuring backend pricing and promotion data flows were consistent was a big project for both the Marketplacer and Woolworths teams. This needed to mimic what customers were used to in the Woolworths eCommerce shopping experience.
  • Having seller information in terms of when orders shipped and would be received by customers routing through Marketplacer and into the Woolworths systems was crucial to keep customers informed on their order status
  • Ensuring an easy integration from seller’s platforms into the Woolworths platform via Marketplacer has sometimes been more complex than expected given the differences in legacy systems


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After identifying an increasing demand for online shopping, the Everyday Market team set out to create a new marketplace that could feature additional products that customers would value.

After carefully evaluating a range of options, a decision was taken to build the new offering based on the Marketplacer platform for a number of reasons including:

  • An Australian based company considered world class in its technical capability, team makeup and leadership
  • Deep understanding of existing Woolworths systems and how to best integrate into them
  • Detailed implementation plan with dedicated team to meet timelines and needs
  • Well networked across Australian retail and eCommerce with ability to leverage local and global best in class approach


Since going live in September 2021, Everyday Market is steadily growing in terms of revenues, new SKUs and sellers joining the platform each month.

  • Over 40 sellers were added in the first six month since launch. Expansion into new categories and products is being accelerated for the next 12 months
  • Grocery adjacent categories such as toys, homewares & electronics have outperformed expectations with customers appreciating the providing positive feedback about their ability to shop multiple categories alongside the groceries
  • Over 20% of Everyday Market shoppers are new to the Woolworths eCommerce offering
  • Customers shopping both Everyday Market and Woolworths eCom items have a higher combined $AOV than those that shop just one category of product


“Marketplacer has enabled Woolworths to create a curated marketplace that features a growing array of quality products which customers can purchase as easily as their weekly groceries.”

Mark Mansour

General Manager, Everyday Market from Woolworths