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Regarded by Forrester as a New Wave™ Leader in marketplace development platforms, Marketplacer can help you set the stage for one of the best eCommerce marketplace platforms, linking you with a diverse group of customers and merchants. Marketplacer has over ten years of expertise, providing a great customer experience with only the most cutting-edge technologies.


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Our marketplace software platform is unlike the other tools seen in the industry. This is because we focus on an adaptive and future-proof solution. When it comes to our eCommerce marketplace platform, we don’t stop after providing for multiple sellers and customers; we check the current trends and unearth the best marketplace business models to remain in constant growth. Scale your enterprise to new lengths through our eCommerce marketplace software.


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When looking for one of the best eCommerce marketplace platforms, consider a New Wave™ Leader like Marketplacer to provide you with tried-and-tested solutions. Give customers more choice and a consistent shopping experience by offering a larger and richer selection of products. The marketplace platform where operators and sellers grow, and buyers enjoy a great shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an eCommerce marketplace work?

An eCommerce marketplace, as opposed to a single-seller eCommerce store, brings multiple buyers and sellers together. These buyers and sellers can operate all in one collective digital space through eCommerce marketplace software. 

These eCommerce marketplaces can be horizontal, offering products and services that are grouped around an interest. Examples of this would be products that can be sold for general music or art creation. On the other hand, these eCommerce marketplaces can also be vertical. This is when the online marketplace offers single items from multiple retailers. These would be specific items like streetwear or skateboard parts.

An eCommerce marketplace can also be global. This is why they have a wide range of goods from varying industries. Think of this as a digital shopping mall with a section for each kind of product.


The importance of an eCommerce marketplace cannot be overstated. Our top marketplace software can create online spaces that build brand opportunities and allow for the enterprise to grow at a faster rate. These benefits were never present for the traditional commerce marketplace, where interaction was always short-lived. 

Build brand opportunities

Owners of the marketplace website or app can no longer develop using outdated techniques. By simply placing a seller’s product into the online marketplace without purpose, sales and revenue are already lost. In this modern era, brand-friendly platforms are needed to differentiate and categorise each product. 

Here is where the eCommerce marketplace software comes in. It breathes life into the marketplace by providing dedicated sections for personal seller content and experiences. In turn, these sellers value marketplace listing more. With our marketplace software for services and products, the owner can work closely with the sellers to better their brand and overall activity in the online space.

Grow at a faster rate

Through the digital marketplace software, enterprises are able to have a wider reach and faster growth rate. Give customers more choice and a consistent shopping experience by offering a larger and richer selection of products. Our marketplace solution allows operators and sellers to grow, and buyers to enjoy a great shopping experience. 

There are multiple ways to build an eCommerce marketplace, but here are the most effective steps and strategies to use. 

Before diving straight into building an eCommerce marketplace, it’s important to do research, define your marketplace goals and identify the customer needs you aim to satisfy. Take note of what type of marketplace you would like to have and go from there. Our easy and intuitive eCommerce marketplace software supports any kind of concept, product, or service. At Marketplacer, we have a Platform for Success process to ensure you achieve your marketplace vision with us – from launch to your day-to-day operations.

Create something unique. Do not allow your enterprise to be another marketplace online. If you have trouble finding a specific area to target, let our analytics support you. Launch an initial concept and see how it does at first. Take advantage of the features Marketplacer offers by interacting with our intuitive dashboard: control payments, commissions, and various other marketplace essentials. 

Lastly, build upon those ideas, brands, and products that are popular among the customers in your marketplace platforms. Our eCommerce marketplace software presents trends and areas of online traffic – all you have to do is act on this information. 

Create a long-lasting and unique online selling space that supports all types of sellers and customers. Connect with us at Marketplacer for our highly intuitive marketplace solution and watch your enterprise rapidly flourish.