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The Right Online Platform from a Marketplace Software Provider

When it comes to dependable software for marketplace, our technology is reliable and attested by many satisfied clients.

With this, your sellers and customers will have everything they need to complete the transaction process. However, Marketplacer’s services do not stop there – our eCommerce marketplace software also facilitates community growth so that satisfied customers come back to the unique experience as regulars.



Leverage our curation tools along with a smart data and insights module to offer a broader assortment of products and services, giving your customers an endless range and improved experience.

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Effortlessly sell more

Easily add to your site every single product your current suppliers have alongside your own products, creating your own virtual marketplace, and giving you a share of all the extra revenue generated.

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Scale without stress

More product choice equals more sales. But holding more inventory equals a high upfront cost and effort. Marketplacer helps you scale beyond physical stores and inventory holdings without wasting time and resources.

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Unified, modern selling

Quickly deploy a unified solution that is endlessly scalable, easily integrated with drop shipping from anywhere (including easy fulfilment and returns), and no limitations on warehousing or range. less.

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Why Marketplacer?

Marketplacer is renowned for creating top marketplace software fit for many industries, and with our commitment to innovating our software solutions, our connected implementation allows you to connect our solution to existing eCommerce platforms such as Shopify Plus, Adobe/Magento commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Woocommerce marketplace, and more.

We provide you not only with the proper tools needed but with valuable insight as well. Marketplacer has been changing the way online commerce has been operating for over a decade. Our experiences, through our workshops and programs, will allow enterprises to create a sustainable foundation for their marketplace.

Marketplace software pioneer

As one of the world’s leading marketplace software providers, Marketplacer has set the pace when it comes to all things eCommerce. We have become the global leader in platform creation as we build dream enterprises through constant discovery, innovation, and adaptation.

Launch and
move forward

Whether you are looking for a product or service marketplace builder, Marketplacer has you covered. We provide enterprise companies with the proper workshops to launch a marketplace they are proud of. Choose Marketplacer and be part of our proven track record of successfully growing businesses.

Union in technology

Marketplacer has partnered with top software and technology companies to increase your marketplace functionality. Rest assured knowing that we use technology that is all-inclusive and modular, so it can adapt to your marketplace needs. Don’t miss out on the innovative features that will surely please enterprise admin, sellers, and customers.

Solid foundation,
further reach

Our hosted marketplace software caters to all stages of business progression. Whether it be community commerce or established enterprise retailers, our marketplace solution that’s tailored to support your goals. Join us now and be part of our growing list of successful marketplaces that are significantly expanding and increasing revenue.

Exclusive experience sharing

Our experience in the online marketplace environment sets us apart from the rest. We’ve done our homework to ensure that we’re always innovating to stay ahead of marketplace software providers out there. With our 10+ years of involvement in the software as a service (SaaS) industry, partnering with us would mean that all the trade secrets about marketplace navigation will be yours as well.

Frequently asked Questions

How is a marketplace different from an online store?

A marketplace is a multi-seller platform created by marketplace software providers. It offers a wide array of products and services. 

There are vertical marketplaces that offer single-type items from multiple retailers. Examples of this would be swimwear and bike parts. There are also horizontal marketplaces that provide products and services that revolve around a group’s interest. Examples of this would be general art creation and technology accessories. 

On the other hand, an online store only utilises one main retailer. This means that there is only one brand and kind of product displayed. 

In this type of setup, customers know exactly what they will be browsing through. However, they will be limited in terms of options as there is little to no variety. 

What are the key features of a marketplace?

An online marketplace has a number of features, but here are some that are particularly important for new or existing enterprises:

Strong seller management capabilities
At Marketplacer, we offer solutions that take seller management capabilities to new heights; our MConnect network is a highly intuitive admin system that seamlessly connects operators with sellers, so the onboarding process is simple .

Flexible technology
Different marketplaces have varying needs. You need a marketplace software provider that can provide tailored solutions. At Marketplacer, we provide a modular-built platform .

Excellent support
There’s nothing quite like a versatile platform that also offers you premium support so you can scale your business at speed. Signing up for Marketplacer means you can take advantage of our services in helping you develop your value propositions, as well as the ease of managing your marketplace with our user-friendly platform.

Are there any special requirements to install a marketplace?

Unlike setting up a physical marketplace or building an online site from scratch, Marketplacer takes the guesswork out of the process to provide you with assistance and support every step of the way. We have partnered with top software companies to ensure that the configuration process is seamless and that you’re using only the latest and most up-to-date technology to optimise your business.

We are committed to bringing you top-quality software for informative reports about brand retailers and tribe associations. Partner with us now to level up your enterprise and enjoy our experience-driven business solutions.