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Our Multi Vendor Marketplace App Technology

Marketplacer is a single-destination platform that can help you launch your digital marketplace where your sellers and customers love to meet, thanks to its powerful tools and features that support excellent selling and shopping experience. 

Aside from our powerful infrastructure and software, our all-encompassing business model means you can integrate our platform with your existing eCommerce site or mobile app. 




As the leading multi-seller eCommerce platform developer, we cater to a wide range of industries and different industries (grocery, medical supply,retail, community commerce etc.). Whether you’re planning to build a marketplace that sells services or physical or digital products, we have the infrastructure and technology to help you create your dream marketplacer.

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Innovative collaboration

We have partnered with the world’s most innovative solution providers so you can launch your digital marketplace for scale. Our software is also compatible with popular open-source eCommerce platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento/Adobe marketplace.

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Launch & Grow

Whether you’re an established eCommerce owner who wants to grow your revenue or a young entrepreneur who wants to build your own storefront for niche and specialty products, our multi-vendor marketplace app and marketplace inventory management software are the right solutions for you.

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Leverage our experience

With more than ten years of building secure and vibrant communities of sellers and customers, you can benefit from our expertise, solid infrastructure, and profitable business model.

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Why Marketplacer?

At Marketplacer, our goal is to provide a multi-vendor marketplace app that serves you, your sellers, and, above all, your customers. As an admin it is easy to operate all aspects of your marketplace, and your sellers can independently add more products and services to your catalogue. This is a win-win solution that ensures a steady stream of revenue. 

For your customers, our multi vendor marketplace platform provides an excellent shopping experience by enabling them to purchase from multiple sellers in one transaction via our native order orchestration capabilities to split the order across multiple sellers.


Global Expertise

We are proud of the fact that we are a global leader when it comes to marketplace software development. We’ve spent years learning how to navigate, iterate, and evolve within the digital marketplace to bring you advanced marketplace platform software. Create a great marketplace site that’s tailored to your needs on our marketplace platform.

Adaptive Design

In our efforts to create one of the best eCommerce marketplace platforms according to Forrester, we keep adaptability and flexibility in mind. This makes it simple for you to design your marketplace exactly as you want it. With our customisable software, you may create your ideal marketplace site depending on your needs and goals as an eCommerce business owner.

Knowledge and

When it comes to your marketplace, there’s no need to waste time thinking about the highly complex technological aspects. We exist so that you may benefit and receive support from our decade of experience developing online marketplace platforms. Build a marketplace from the ground up or extend an existing eCommerce business to new heights. It’s possible with us.


We enjoy what we do because of the connections we make. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the greatest and most future-centric technology and software firms. Together, we offer you Marketplacer’s robust and dynamic marketplace website builder, which is surely going to meet all your demands in a singular destination, helping you build a reliable marketplace site.


No matter which stage of marketplace development you’re at, we have a solution that will meet your needs. We have a demonstrated track record of enhancing business performance, as well as generating leads and revenue creation. From large enterprises, brand retailers, and tribes, our flexible multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace solutions will certainly help you achieve your marketplace goals. We prioritise the customer experience to create a powerful multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Frequently asked Questions

How does a multi vendor marketplace app work?

multi vendor marketplace app is a digital platform where sellers and customers meet. Think of it as your local marketplace where a wide range of products are sold by different people, although the main difference is that the transactions happen online. 

A digital marketplace is also quite similar to eCommerce; however, the main difference boils down to the number of sellers. In eCommerce, there is only one entity that supplies all the products and services, whereas, in the marketplace, there is a far wider range of options because there are multiple sellers, an ‘arrangement’ that most customers find convenient and advantageous because they get to compare multiple products, brands, and prices under one roof.

Why do people use a multi vendor marketplace app?

The popularity of our multi vendor marketplace app boils down to one thing: it allows you to add third-party sellers on your platform, as you extend your ranges at speed. 

Companies can now start selling new product categories in response to changing consumer trends- without ever having to invest in or hold product inventory.


How to develop a multi vendor marketplace app?

When you partner with Marketplacer, you can use our Platform for Success that allows you to build a safe, secure, and robust marketplace where sellers and buyers love to converge. To help you start with the journey, read the guide below. 

  1. Identify the profitability of your idea. Do you have a solution that can solve other people’s pain points?
  2. Conduct market research that should include your potential competitors and the demographics and buying behaviour of your target market. You can take advantage of our smart data and market insights if you want to stand out from the competition. 
  3. Write your business plan that should include the core purpose of your marketplace (e.g., a marketplace that only sells organic dog foods from reputable sellers, a digital storefront that focuses on furniture and homeware, etc). 
  4. Create a marketplace app with us. Ideally, start with something with the most basic features just to attract early users. Next, gradually improve your marketplace based on their feedback. 
  5. Once you have a ‘live’ prototype, create a team to improve your marketplace. 

Now that you know the profitable business model of a multi-vendor marketplace app, visit Marketplacer now and start building your vibrant storefront where sellers and customers can enjoy seamless, safe, and secure transactions.