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Build your very own marketplace with an online marketplace platform

Marketplacer is a world-class online marketplace platform that connects sellers and buyers directly through a seamless user experience. Grow on with our online marketplace platform that equips your online storefront with the power to integrate and sell third-party products quickly and flexibly. 

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Who is using Marketplacer

Composable Catalog

The online marketplace platform that helps you growth without the need for new warehousing or stock holdings

Our Online Marketplace Platform is your one-stop solution for seamlessly integrating your e-commerce front end with third-party products hosted on Marketplacer. Elevate your product offerings effortlessly, providing an expanded and diverse selection that caters to your customers’ evolving needs.

With our Online Marketplace Platform, the process is seamless. As orders are placed, enjoy the assurance of a smooth flow back into Marketplacer. This ensures efficient order fulfilment by third-party sellers, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for your customers.

Discover the comprehensive capabilities of our Online Marketplace Platform, covering essential data flows, including managing shipments, handling refunds, overseeing seller remittances, and more.

Platform technology that supports your online marketplace

Unlock the potential of your business with our advanced online marketplace platform. Our feature-rich software provides you with the essential tools and functionalities required to construct thriving and scalable online marketplaces.

Embrace the marketplace model to effortlessly broaden your product range, eliminating the challenges of inventory management. Explore the vast possibilities and propel your business forward with the competitive edge offered by our online marketplace platform. Elevate your online presence and drive success in the digital marketplace landscape.

Why Marketplacer?

At Marketplacer, we are committed to providing the best experience for our users through our marketplace platform. Our online marketplace platform has evolved to meet our clients’ demands and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the global marketplace. 


The Dom

In the vast landscape of online marketplaces, The DOM, a thriving e-commerce retailer, embarked on an extraordinary partnership with BigCommerce, Web Force 5, and Marketplacer to forge new frontiers. Join us as we delve into this collaboration, tracing the remarkable trajectory to a connected marketplace.

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Everyday Market from Woolworths is meeting Australia’s insatiable appetite for online shopping with the help of Marketplacer

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In 2017, Myer partnered with Marketplacer to create a curated lifestyle destination: the Myer Market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online marketplace platform?

An online marketplace platform is an independent digital platform that operates online, allowing sellers and buyers to connect and transact directly. Uniting multiple sellers under one platform connects them not only with each other, not just to your brand, but to customers who can access your marketplace as a one-stop-destination for their needs. 

The platform is developed with marketplace software and technology that allows sellers to create digital shopfronts and list their product and/or service, and where buyers can browse their digital aisles. Offering seamless integration and end-to-end user experience, Marketplacer’s online marketplace platform offers your business the opportunity to level up your marketplace and scale with ease. 

There are a few ingredients to success for an online marketplace platform


What is your marketplace? Why does it need to exist? How does it value sellers and customers? What is your vision? How are you going to execute? How will you overcome roadblocks? You can be an ordinary online marketplace platform, or you can be extraordinary. Decide what your marketplace is, who it’s for and remember your ‘why’.


While an online marketplace platform might offer you the chance to scale and grow your business and make a tidy profit, the price of this is trust and integrity with both your selling and buying communities. Mean what you say and say what you mean. While it might not seem that hard, sometimes this can get lost in translation, so never assume.

Community and connection

Not just among your sellers but among your customers, too. You can do this with things like membership benefits, subscription offers, unique content and exclusive deals. Your customer wants to belong, and by creating opportunities for people to belong to your marketplace and backing that up with added value, you’ll have more return customers who become advocates. On the seller side, if they know you have their back and best interests in mind, you’ll inspire loyalty which is invaluable for the longevity of your online marketplace. 

Communication is everything

Timely, effective and personable communication will help you cut through the noise of online marketplaces. The process includes detailed order tracking and communications when something goes wrong, because, let’s face it, mistakes do happen. Ensure everyone involved feels heard and valued and then aim to arrive at an effective solution for all. Communication also goes both ways, so always be open to receiving feedback. By listening to what your sellers and customers are saying, you can innovate and adapt, ensuring you’re staying relevant to your communities and staying in the game for the long haul. 

Constant Innovation

At Marketplacer, we are constantly innovating our online marketplace platform, offering, responding, adapting and forecasting to deliver the best software and technology alongside the most seamless user experiences that we can. We do this by paying attention to what’s going on both at Marketplacer and globally in online marketplaces. What can we learn? What can we explore? How can we make what we do even better than it already is? What does our data tell us is happening? What does our data forecast? 

Online marketplaces have been gathering momentum for years, but we’re just on the cusp of what’s to come. There’s no better time to earmark your place in the future of online marketplaces than by joining Marketplacer and building your dream online marketplace platform.