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The Marketplacer platform. More than just technology

We’ve developed a methodology to help our customers leverage our 15+ years of experience, learning and collective expertise to execute their own comprehensive strategies.

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From launch all the way through to day-to-day operations

The platform for success is a process that has been created to guide you through the three components of our methodology; Discovery, Technology and Success, to ensure the ongoing success of your marketplace, from launch through all the way to day-to-day operations.



Build your marketplace using our adaptable architecture that lets you shape your solution around existing eCommerce investments.

Scoping & strategy sessions

The Scoping and Strategy session helps you first define the strategic benefits of creating an insights-led marketplace and second, connect the business’ industry insights with Marketplacer’s in-depth knowledge of marketplaces to ensure that adopting a marketplace strategy is the right direction for you.

Commercial workshops

The Commercial Workshop outlines the options available to you for monetising your marketplace. You’ll be provided with an overview of the typical revenue and cost levers. The outcome of this session will be a modelled three-year capital budget, and profit and loss statement.

Technical scoping sessions

The Technical Scoping session presents you with a proposed architectural design of your marketplace, relevant to your industry and business needs. We will outline the integration approach and the scope of this process as well as your migration plan and schedule. You will be supplied with technical documents and designs.

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Marketplacer’s technological backbone is built with flexibility at its core. Our architecture leverages modern API technology and a composable approach, enabling seamless integration with your existing systems and allowing you to tailor the platform to your precise requirements. This adaptability ensures that Marketplacer can easily grow alongside your business, no matter how complex or dynamic your needs become.


We strive to create successful outcomes with our people, our communities, our partners and our customers.

Marketplacer runs a robust onboarding and ongoing support model, providing operators with all of the technical, operational and strategic support needed in order to launch and scale successfully.


Flexible pricing model

Our pricing architecture is not one-size-fits-all. We recognize that different businesses have diverse needs and financial structures. 

With Marketplacer, you’ll find a pricing model that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements. Whether you prefer a subscription-based model, pay-as-you-go, or a customized pricing strategy, we’re here to ensure it suits your budget and goals.

Our pillars

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Deep expertise

15 years of building, owning and managing marketplaces within multiple geographies and industries has allowed us to craft proven methodology and technology to supercharge our member commerce.



We don’t transact, we partner with our members and trusted relationships. From strategy to implementation and beyond – our team are dedicated to supporting and driving the sustained growth of our clients. Our job is never done.

Implementation Optons


Seamlessly integrate Marketplace approaches into your existing systems and processes through modern integration methods such as GraphQL APIs, Webhooks, and reference integrations with major commerce platforms.

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