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The Marketplacer platform. More than just technology

We’ve developed a methodology to help our customers leverage our 15+ years of experience, learning and collective expertise to execute their own comprehensive strategies.

network of sellers

A trusted platform with innovation at heart

Everything we do is focused on making it easier, faster and flexible for our customers to launch and scale their marketplaces


Easy to work with
Easy to operate
Easy to grow


Fast to launch
Fast technology
Fast growth


Smart people
Smart technology
Smart AI & ML



Flexible technology
Flexible partnership
Flexible pricing


Crafted to prioritize ease of use

Marketplacer has been meticulously designed to prioritize ease of use, whether you are implementing our platform, integrating third-party sellers, managing day-to-day operations, or striving for revenue growth.

Oriented towards businesses -users, our platform offers intuitive business tooling meant for business teams, not tech teams. This scalable solution caters to a wide range of clients, from mid-market to large enterprises, streamlining every step of the process for an easy journey.

Seller community

Easy Growth through our Seller community

Our expansive seller community gives you access to thousands of premium global sellers. With the ability to view seller catalogs and filter for rapid range extension through easy discovery and onboarding of quality sellers and products.

Faster Implementation

By harnessing the strength of our prebuilt connectors and extensive APIs, we empower operators to effortlessly expand their existing e-commerce enterprises through selling third-party inventory.

Marketplacer Seller Community

Launch fast and grow

Our in-house marketplace specialists ensure the best practice configuration of every Marketplacer deployment and deliver role-based training and enablement.

An extensive network of certified partners is standing by to leverage published reference architecture guides to contextualise and integrate Marketplacer into your business to minimise disruption and accelerate business adoption.

Smart & Flexible Technology

Marketplacer’s technological backbone is built with flexibility at its core. Our architecture leverages modern API technology and a connected approach, enabling seamless integration with your existing systems and allowing you to tailor the platform to your precise requirements. This adaptability ensures that Marketplacer can easily grow alongside your business, no matter how complex or dynamic your needs become.

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map products

Smart AI & ML product mapping & enrichment

Leave the grunt work to us. Innovative AI and machine learning-driven features automate manual tasks, reducing labour intensive tasks and enabling a streamlined approach to rapid product ingestion.

Smart People

With 15 years of experience in building, owning, and managing marketplaces across various geographies and industries, we have developed a proven methodology and advanced technology to supercharge commerce for our members.

Our journey has not only honed our skills but also ingrained in us a commitment to crafting successful outcomes for our people, communities, partners, and customers.

At Marketplacer, we emphasize a robust onboarding and ongoing support model. This approach ensures that operators receive comprehensive technical, operational, and strategic support necessary for launching and scaling their endeavors successfully. Our dedication to fostering growth and success extends through every facet of our operations, reflecting our pledge to enhance commerce within our expansive network.


Flexible pricing model

Our pricing architecture is not one-size-fits-all. We recognize that different businesses have diverse needs and financial structures. 

With Marketplacer, you’ll find a pricing model that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements. Whether you prefer a subscription-based model, pay-as-you-go, or a customized pricing strategy, we’re here to ensure it suits your budget and goals.

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