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Build your very own marketplace with a powerful marketplace software platform

Marketplace software platform allows businesses to set up and manage e-commerce sites that sell services or products (both physical and digital) from multiple sellers. Think of it as a tool to streamline and simplify all the tasks involved in managing a digital marketplace.


Who is using Marketplacer

Why Marketplacer?

Not all digital marketplace software platforms are created equal. At Marketplacer, our goal is to help you create and manage a streamlined, secure, and efficient digital marketplace where sellers and customers meet. Additionally, we make sure that our platforms are flexible and scalable.

Our Marketplace Software Platform Technology

If you’re looking for a powerful online marketplace platform, visit Marketplacer and check out our core and front-end features that provide these benefits: 

  • Safe and secure environment for your sellers and customers
  • Easy-to-use panel that allows your sellers to manage their products and orders
  • Give shoppers access to an endless aisle of complementary products or services on the one site

Whether you’re planning to build a marketplace platform from scratch, convert your existing eCommerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace platform, or integrate it with an existing site or mobile app, Marketplacer is your perfect partner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a marketplace software platform work?

Marketplace software platform allows you to create a digital marketplace that offers a wide range of services and products from multiple sellers. This solution is almost similar to eCommerce stores, but the only major difference is that an eCommerce platform is only intended for a single seller, whereas a marketplace software is designed to support multiple sellers, ranging from just a handful of suppliers to thousands of businesses. 

For large enterprises, brand retailers and tribes, a marketplace platform offers a unique benefit that eCommerce software doesn’t offer: lower overhead cost. And you, as a marketplace owner, also benefit from a lower overhead cost since you offer products sold by other businesses, which also means you can focus on the most important thing: managing your marketplace performance. 

Simply put, a hosted marketplace software platform is a win-win solution for you, your sellers, and above all, your customers who want the convenience of using a one-stop shop (rather than visiting multiple eCommerce sites).

As an owner of a digital marketplace, you can choose from a wide range of monetisation models, which include commission, listing fee, subscription, freemium, or advertising. You can even combine two or more models if you want to generate more revenue and grow your sellers. 

While many marketplace owners have sellers to supply their goods and services to customers, you also have the option to sell your own products – just like a physical supermarket or retailer that offers its own store brand alongside other products sold by different businesses. This can be a profitable business model if you have an existing eCommerce store that you want to convert into a multi-seller storefront. 

For both the marketplace owner and sellers,  one of the best marketplace platforms give them the opportunity to take advantage of the untapped market, including those from abroad. In recent years, there has been a continuous online marketplace growth in fashion, homeware, pets and sporting goods in many parts of the world.

Now that you know the potential and profitability of being a marketplace owner, why not start building your dream online storefront with us? At Marketplacer, we can help you create a secure and vibrant marketplace that attracts sellers and buyers thanks to its easy-to-use platform.

When you work with us for your marketplace solutions, you will benefit from our Platform for Success process where we guide you through the three components of our methodology: Discovery, Technology, Success. 

  1. Identify the problems or pain points you want to solve and analyse if you could monetise them. 
  2. Analyse the market by checking out possible competitors; pay close attention to their strengths that make them successful, and their weaknesses that you should aim to resolve. At Marketplace, we provide data and insights so you can continuously improve your marketplace and stand out from the competition. 
  3. Create a concrete business plan that includes all the requirements for your marketplace startup. At this stage, you should also identify which monetisation model works best for you, e.g., commission, listing fee, subscription, etc. When you sign up for our service, we can help you decide which model works best for you. 
  4. Develop your MVP, which stands for Minimum Viable Product, by signing up for one of the best multi-vendor marketplace platform for your business. The idea here is to attract new users and listen to their feedback for continuous improvement. As a marketplace solution provider, we are the perfect platform to test and improve the profitability of your ideas. 
  5. Create a team to improve your marketplace and add more features. 
  6. Attract sellers and buyers by reaching out to them through social media, forums, and groups. You can also create a landing page and advertise your marketplace through paid ads. At Marketplacer, we can also help you grow your customer and seller base through our online marketplace optimisation tools. 


Now that you know how to create an online marketplace, visit Marketplacer and check out our marketplace software platform solutions that can help you build a digital storefront that sellers and buyers will surely love.