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Boutique Retailer

Founded in Melbourne in 2009, Boutique Retailer is one of Australia’s fastest growing online only retailers. Its suite of apparel brands includes Volley, Dents UK, Hush Puppies, Kangol, Dr Martens and more. The company also sells home and garden products, hiking and outdoor gear, party costumes and decorations, pet equipment, health and beauty lines, sporting goods and craft supplies. It carries 35,000 lines across 900 categories.

After several years trading on eBay and via its own web site, Boutique Retailer began listing elements of its range on a handful of locally run online marketplaces in 2016.

Boutique Retailer was looking for opportunities to expand its reach and increase sales, by becoming a supplier to a greater number of online marketplaces.

Growth story


Stocking over 35,000 products, Boutique Retailer works closely with established and emerging retailers/marketplaces to facilitate the online endless aisle concept, even for curated marketplaces.


On the product side, Boutique Retailer partners with brands and distributors to offer a wide range of products including apparel, healthcare supplies, sporting equipment, costumes and more via the Marketplacer Seller Program.


The company has established relationships with multiple Marketplacer driven sites.


Boutique Retailer’s turnover has increased by 20 percent since becoming involved in the Marketplacer Seller Program.

“We feel like we’re part of a community. Our ability to access new and upcoming marketplaces has been significantly improved. That’s led to more sales and growth.” “The Marketplacer integration process is the same, regardless of the marketplace owner. That means that as soon as we identify an opportunity, we can launch very quickly – there are no delays.”
Boutique Retailer
Val Brusylovsky, Founder
Boutique Retailer

How to win with a marketplace strategy


Boutique Retailer was looking for opportunities to expand its reach and increase sales, by becoming a supplier to a greater number of online marketplaces.

Boutique retailer’s B2B arm helps existing companies enter the online marketplace domain. From specialist digitalisation of product listings to drop shipping solutions, Boutique Retailer helps traditional retailers become successful in the world of ecommerce.


Demand for medical supplies and health related products intensified in early 2020, following the onset of the Covid crisis. At that time, Boutique Retailer began selling medical scrubs, personal protective equipment (PPE) and other apparel items aimed at front line workers via Medcart, an online marketplace powered by the Marketplacer platform. Over time, Boutique Retailer’s range on the Medcart site grew from 500 to 3393 lines.

Following the success of the Medcart alliance, Boutique Retailer became a seller on multiple other Marketplacer-powered marketplaces: Myer, Barbeques Galore, Lasoo, Tixstar and Everything Caravan and Camping.

Marketplacer’s consistent methodologies and API-centred platform architecture have enabled Boutique Retailer to integrate its web site with those of its marketplace partners in as little as three days. New products can be added to multiple marketplaces concurrently and listings and inventory are updated automatically across all partner sites, as orders are received.


Since joining the Marketplacer Seller Program in 2020, Boutique Retailer has increased its turnover by 20 per cent. 

The company has earned a reputation as a reliable supplier of products for both general and specialised online marketplaces.

Participation in the Marketplacer seller community has helped Boutique Retailer identify sales opportunities with current and new partners.

Boutique Retailer’s reach has expanded to include market segments and demographics it previously found difficult to access.

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