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KG Group

If you’re looking for evidence of the power of the Marketplacer platform, you need only consider the success of Australian ecommerce company KG Group.

Established in 2009 as a small firm selling products on Ebay, KG Group has grown to become one of the country’s largest online B2C retailers. The company now stocks more than 25,000 different products and services more than 3 million customers.

KG Group co-founder Nimrod Ganon says that, soon after starting operations, the company realised there was a significant opportunity to partner with a range of marketplaces that were being established across Australia.


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Fast forward to 2022 and the company now has relationships with more than 20 different online marketplaces. They include The Myer Market, Woolworth’s Everyday Market, Coles, Catch and Amazon.

This growth comes at a time when Analyst firm Gartner is forecasting that, by 2023, organisations operating an enterprise marketplace for more than a year will typically see at least a 10% increase in net digital revenue as a result.

Ganon says his company’s rapid growth has been aided by its adoption of the Marketplacer platform. Underpinning major sites such as Myer and Woolworths, it allows tight integration with KG Group’s back-end systems.


“This allows us to rapidly process and fulfil orders and provide follow-up customer support,” he says. “We are working to have a presence on every marketplace that is using the Marketplacer platform.”

Ganon says having now had considerable experience with Marketplacer, it’s now possible to be up and running on a new marketplace in about a week.
“This means we can quickly take advantage of new opportunities as soon as they are identified,” he says. “Each new site means we can access a new group of customers and further grow our business.”

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Ganon says he is looking forward to additional enhancements that will be made to the Marketplacer platform that will further improve the experience for customers and the ability for KG Group to promote its growing product portfolio.

“We are excited to continue to work closely with Marketplacer to grow online retailing across Australia,” he says. “Together we can deliver value for customers and boost the national ecommerce sector.”

Marketplacer has been recognised in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Commerce 2022 in the Enterprise Marketplaces category. According to the report, marketplaces allow firms (such as KG Group) to deliver benefits such as an improved customer experience and ‘stickier’ shopping destinations.

They also enable companies to shift their business models from linear digital commerce (where they sell directly to end customers) to a platform business where they facilitate transactions between sellers and buyers.

According to Gartner, marketplace operators also benefit from being able to offer enriched product offerings and the ability to test new products via third-party sellers before offering them directly to end customers.

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