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The Marketplacer Seller Community & Omnivore:
A pathway to Marketplace growth and success

Channel Manager






Marketplacer and Omnivore have been partnering together to provide marketplacer operators with the resources they need to succeed. As one of our most successful channel partners, Omnivore has been working with some of our largest Marketplaces including Everyday Market from Woolworths and Barbeques Galore.

Through our partnership, Omnivore has helped our operators onboard leading retailer brands such as Appliances Online and Country Road. By leveraging the Marketplacer Seller Community and Omnivore’s technology, Makretplacer operators are able to grow their businesses and achieve impressive results.


“We place great value on our partnerships, as they help us curate a remarkable merchant community at Everyday Market from Woolworths. Adding to our merchant community is a thoughtful process and we look for those who share our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. With purpose-driven partners, together we are able to create a marketplace that truly represents our customers’ needs and desires.”  

Mark Masour, 

GM Everyday Market, Woolworths



The world of marketplaces encounters substantial hurdles when launching and scaling their business for sustained growth.

For operators, finding dependable retailers and brands to sell on their marketplace was difficult, without additional oversight of partners.


For sellers, the challenge continues to be gaining visibility and access to new and non traditional marketplaces.


Solution / Approach 

The Marketplacer Seller Community, connects sellers and channel managers with Marketplacer operators to continue to expand their reach, simplifying the process for operators to find and partner with high-quality sellers.

Omnivore has played a significant role in the success of our marketplaces. Via connection of Omnivore’s technology, Marketplacer operators access a pool of over 3,000 experienced sellers, reducing the burden of onboarding.


Here’s how Marketplacer Seller Community works:

  1. Sellers register to showcase their brand and categories or via a channel manager, like Omnivore.
  2. Marketplacer operators look for new sellers by browsing this growing network.
  3. Marketplacer operators reach out to individual sellers directly or the integrated channel manager, to view the entire product list.
  4. Once partnership is formed, the seller gains access to a wider audience through their new marketplace listing while the operator gains access to high-quality sellers who help attract new customers and increase their revenue and customer lifetime value, through range extension.
Boutique Retailer



The collaboration between Marketplacer and Omnivore has proven successful, providing Marketplacer operators with what they need to grow. A partnership that delivers significant additional orders numbers and outstanding combined TTV.

Overall, the Marketplacer Seller Community and Omnivore’s partnership offers a simple and effective way for sellers and channel managers to connect with marketplace operators and expand their reach, while allowing operators to easily find and partner with high-quality sellers. By leveraging this partnership, businesses can achieve success in today’s competitive marketplace economy.

“Adding to our merchant community is not just about increasing numbers; it’s about finding partners who align with our values and passion for elevating the backyard experience and bringing something unique to the table. We value working with partners that understand that vision and connect us with specialist merchants who help to ensure every addition brings value and purpose to our marketplace. This helps us foster a true customer-first experience by contributing curated offerings available to our customers” 


Nathan Simmons

Head of Omnichannel, Barbeques Galore