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Founded in Melbourne in 2009, Boutique Retailer is one of Australia’s fastest growing online only retailers. Its suite of apparel brands includes Volley, Dents UK, Hush Puppies, Kangol, Dr Martens and more. The company also sells home and garden products, hiking and outdoor gear, party costumes and decorations, pet equipment, health and beauty lines, sporting goods and craft supplies. It carries 35,000 lines across 900 categories.

After several years trading on eBay and via its own web site, Boutique Retailer began listing elements of its range on a handful of locally run online marketplaces in 2016.


Growth story


Klika offers a range of more than 30,000 products to customers across Australia and New Zealand.


The company has established relationships with Marketplacer-powered retailers to further increase its reach.

How to win with a marketplace strategy

The convergence of Marketplacer, Web Force 5, and The DOM in this momentous partnership aimed to unlock the full potential of both platforms. With Web Force 5 at the helm of development, the fusion of BigCommerce into The DOM’s established Marketplacer ecosystem became a reality, signifying a leap forward in e-commerce integration.


In its early years of operation, Klika relied on eBay as its primary channel for reaching customers online. While this worked well initially, the company decided to expand its reach by establishing its own websites as its product range and sales grew.

About 7 years ago, a decision was taken by senior management to shift to a marketplace model of operation. Relationships were established with a range of traditional retailers and links forged with other established marketplaces. 

“To continue our growth, we knew we had to work to extend our reach and provide a range of ways for customers to find our product range and make purchases,” says Zaitsev. “Following a marketplace retail model was clearly the best way forward for us.”

  • Klika needed a scalable platform to underpin its ongoing growth plans 
  • The company was keen to streamline the way it handled product listings and customer transactions 

Klika was keen to find new channels to market to help ongoing revenue growth by partnering with established retailers and online marketplaces


Solution / Approach 

In 2020, the Klika management team took the decision to integrate with the Marketplacer platform to support its online operations. Relationships were established with existing Marketplacer-powered marketplaces and the platform integrated with Klika’s proprietary software. 

  • Marketplacer’s sophisticated APIs allowed the platforms to be tightly integrated with Klika’s systems. 
  • The Marketplacer retail ecosystem provided a range of opportunities to grow working relationships with established bricks-and-mortar retailers

From the time the decision was taken, the Marketplacer-based integration was fully operational in just a few weeks.


Since joining the Marketplacer seller program, Klika has enjoyed a rapid increase in customer interactions and purchases. The seller program offers access to other retailers that operate Marketplacer-based online shopping sites.

For Klika, the result has been improved access to potential customers and a rapid increase in turnover. The company now operates an 18,000 square metre warehouse and fulfilment facility in Melbourne and has a staff of 30 people.

  • Klika has significantly expanded its reach and turnover by integrating with existing online marketplaces
  • Commercial relationships have been established with approximately 30 different marketplaces and retailers in Australia and New Zealand including the likes of Myer, BBQs Galore, and Woolworths Everyday Market
  • The traditional retailers with which Klika is now working have enjoyed a significant spike in sales. One in particular, that has a national physical presence, has experienced growth of more than 30% during the past 12 months
  • Marketplacer has streamlined the operation of Klika’s systems and significantly improved the shopping experience for customers
  • New products can be added to marketplaces quickly with listings supported by high-quality photos and video

Klika is now well positioned to continue its strong retail growth across all its product categories

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