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Reward shoppers and sellers

Take loyalty rewards to a new level by engaging both customers and sellers in loyalty programs. Not only will you increase satisfaction and build longer term relationships, you will generate richer customer data to inform future sales and marketing strategies.

Marketplacer provides highly customizable and sophisticated tools for creating loyalty programs. Develop tier-based, referrals, point based systems and more, as you engage and reach new customers and suppliers.

Add value to your strategy

Incorporate loyalty programs into your wider third-party marketplace strategy and become the facilitator of a community that consistently cares for and values its loyal customers and sellers.

Introducing loyalty programs in the current competitive environment will prove to be a valuable asset and a strong market differentiator.


Build credibility with customers


It’s not just you vying for your shopper’s attention.
So are your competitors.

Increase customer lifetime value by engaging them beyond the point of purchase with free products, discounts and perks. Consistently providing additional value to customers will positively influence their experience and keep them purchasing from your marketplace.

Nurture loyalty with sellers

Thanks to the recent boom in marketplaces, improving seller relations is important.

Prove that you are seller-centric by offering incentives to improve their performance, discounts on fees, or resources like sales training. This strengthens bonds, encourages sellers to put more effort into their listings, and ensures your marketplace remains a preferred sales channel.

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