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Great C2C Marketplace Software for Your eCommerce Needs

With customers increasingly relying on e-shopping, C2C marketplace software, C2C marketplace platforms offer near-endless opportunities. A customer-to-customer (C2C) marketplace is a business model where customers can trade instead of relying on retailers. There are no middlemen involved, allowing people to get what they need from many providers. 

At Marketplacer, we develop feature-rich, modular-built digital software marketplaces designed to work with a range of partner technologies and third-party applications. This allows you to develop the best multi-seller eCommerce platform with a simple and quick solution. From the user experience to how you choose to engage with your sellers, our marketplace software can help you create a C2C marketplace.



Leverage our curation tools along with a smart data and insights module to offer a broader assortment of products and services, giving your customers an endless range and improved experience.

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Effortlessly sell more

Easily add to your site every single product your current suppliers have alongside your own products, creating your own virtual marketplace, and giving you a share of all the extra revenue generated.

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Scale without stress

More product choice equals more sales. But holding more inventory equals a high upfront cost and effort. Marketplacer helps you scale beyond physical stores and inventory holdings without wasting time and resources.

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Unified, modern selling

Quickly deploy a unified solution that is endlessly scalable, easily integrated with drop shipping from anywhere (including easy fulfilment and returns), and no limitations on warehousing or range. less.

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Why Marketplacer?

Make the most of your time with Marketplacer’s industry-leading knowledge. Our eCommerce marketplace software helps you expand your horizons and strengthen your business by helping you to connect sellers and buyers. Take advantage of Marketplacer’s tried-and-true solutions and proven techniques to boost your sales and revenue. 

At Marketplacer, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and evolve. With our commitment to innovating our software solutions, we can help you transform your MagnetoShopify , or Woocommerce into marketplaces.

Pioneer expertise

As pioneers in marketplace development, we have the know-how to satisfy the diverse needs of large enterprises, brand retailers, and tribes. We have it all with years of design and building of top marketplace software, eCommerce marketplaces, and multi-level vendor solutions. The result is a strong and effective platform covering all your needs as a seller, owner, or buyer.

adaptable design

Flexibility and functionality are key features of our marketplace platform. Our software is designed to bring you the resources you need to customize your eCommerce business with any requirement you might have.


With our experience in marketplace software, you will easily enhance a business that you already own or create one with the strongest foundation for growth. Our partnership does not end with platform development. We will support you throughout your eCommerce journey and give insights during any part of the timeline.

Developing partnerships
and communities

With the ever-expanding technology world, community is vital for providing the most advanced and unique developments towards creating a marketplace platform. As a result, we partner with companies that are innovative when it comes to technology and software. Together, these partnerships represent the most powerful C2C marketplace software available today.

Bloom and grow

No matter where you are on your journey, we have the right solution for you. 

Our team has a proven track record of growing businesses to paramount success, whether they are a grocery, retailer or community commerce. With the leading marketplace website builder, you can connect with more sellers, and generate a lot of revenue from commissions.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a C2C marketplace software?

A customer-to-customer (C2C) marketplace software is a tool used to create a website with a business model where customers can essentially trade goods and services with one another. 

Within a C2C marketplace platform, users are allowed to be both sellers and buyers, as they can easily list their products and post ads to gain responses. A C2C marketplace software essentially gives you the tools to create an effective marketplace platform.

What are the features of a C2C marketplace software?

A feature-rich C2C marketplace software should allow the marketplace admin control over the layout, interactivity, and management of items and sellers on the site. Some features at Marketplacer that can be utilised within a C2C marketplace platform for everyone to enjoy are the following:

  • Shipping and logistics management. You can allow your sellers to choose between basic shipping rules, free shipping, and integration into a third-party provider for more complex shipping.
  • Seller payouts. Automate your payout process so that your sellers receive a smooth payment experience.
  • Insights and reportings. Provide your sellers with a wide range of insights and reports that can be used to make informed decisions about their listings.
What is the easiest way to build a marketplace for your C2C business?

To effectively run a C2C marketplace, you’ll need the best software for marketplaces to go hand in hand with your business ideas and strategies. Selecting the right software that is designed well will allow you to have a strong marketplace platform, which is key to becoming a known name in the industry.

We at Marketplacer can help you achieve your goals. All we need is to integrate your comprehensive marketplace strategies to turn your dream of owning a thriving, profitable business into reality. Our extensive eCommerce information and experience can help you succeed. Contact us today and let us know how we can provide the best C2C marketplace software for you today.