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How we help you expand your eCommerce platform

Marketplacer’s eCommerce connector allows existing eCommerce sites to transform themselves into marketplaces without having to re-platform. 

Our pre-built connectors can integrate with leading eCommerce platforms, such as Salesforce Connected Cloud, Shopify Plus, or Adobe Commerce, so you can keep the existing interface while taking advantage of the powerful capabilities of our core technology.

The back-end system allows operators like you to efficiently manage crucial aspects of your eCommerce marketplace, such as onboarding and managing sellers, categorisation, inventory flow, returns, lead management, customised configuration, and logistics. Our streamlined seller portals also allow sellers to easily manage their adverts and products, leads, orders, logistics, and returns.

Your catalogue can be expanded, more products can be sold, and you can attract new customers without disrupting the experience of your current customers. 

Let our experts help you navigate the complexities of building a marketplace and take your eCommerce platform to new heights

Explore our Connected, Headless, or Full Stack solution.



Leverage our curation tools along with a smart data and insights module to offer a broader assortment of products and services, giving your customers an endless range and improved experience.

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Effortlessly sell more

Easily add to your site every single product your current suppliers have alongside your own products, creating your own virtual marketplace, and giving you a share of all the extra revenue generated.

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Scale without stress

More product choice equals more sales. But holding more inventory equals a high upfront cost and effort. Marketplacer helps you scale beyond physical stores and inventory holdings without wasting time and resources.

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Unified, modern selling

Quickly deploy a unified solution that is endlessly scalable, easily integrated with drop shipping from anywhere (including easy fulfilment and returns), and no limitations on warehousing or range. less.

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Why Marketplacer?

Marketplacer provides a world-class marketplace solution, ranking as a New Wave™ Leader in marketplace development platforms according to Forrester. As a marketplace software provider that was also once a marketplace, we’re deeply committed to our clients’ success, and we’re here to provide all the support and tools you need to take your marketplace to the next level. 

The global marketplace landscape is as constantly evolving as we are willing to adapt to meet changing demands. Simplifying growth for marketplace operators and sellers is at the core of what we do, and our approach aims to streamline the complex process of onboarding multiple sellers and synchronising inventories, all while maintaining a smooth and consistent shopping experience for your buyers.

Marketplace leaders

Founded in Australia, we are one of the world’s leading online marketplace software developers, as recognised by independent analysts at Forrester. We have been continuously enhancing and improving our platform for many years.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Adapting to the ever-changing online marketplace requires continuous innovation in our software, strategies, and ethos. Through the integration of multiple applications and third-party systems, our marketplace builder offers a robust back-end ecosystem that is unified, aligned, consistent, and integrated.

Experts with experience

Helping you create a thriving online marketplace is within our expertise as an online marketplace leader. We have learned the hard lessons in the industry so that you can jump the learning curve and start on a solid foundation.

Community driven

Collaboration is the key to a community’s success. Powered by a community of leading technology partners, we provide you with a dynamic and powerful marketplace platform to help your communities thrive.

Geared towards growth

Regardless of where you are on your journey, our team and platform are here to help. Whether your business falls into a brand, brand retailer, or tribe category, we can help you get started, grow, scale, or transition. Our expertise includes supporting businesses as well as assisting them in expanding without prohibitive cost.

Frequently asked Questions

What is an eCommerce platform?

ECommerce platforms are the digital infrastructure that a marketplace website can operate on. ECommerce marketplaces sell things without holding inventory. They make it easy for customers to search for and buy products from anywhere in the world.

What are the features of an eCommerce platform?

When you’re evaluating eCommerce platforms, a comparison of the following features will be important before you deal with a provider:

  • Digital infrastructure and hosting to enable sellers to list and sell items online and buyers to browse and buy
  • Selling features and seller management functionality 
  • Central operator dashboard
  • Insights functionality
  • Order and inventory management, returns, shipping, and logistics
  • Additional tools, plugins, or integrations to allow customisations, extensions, and scaling
How to choose the best eCommerce platform?

Choosing a suitable marketplace platform will come down to a few key aspects, including what you’re willing to pay and the budget you’re working with.

You should ensure that the digital infrastructure and architecture of the platform can support the functionality of the marketplace you want to create. For example, common eCommerce marketplace platforms include a range of features that make engaging and onboarding sellers straightforward, allow them to list and sell products/services with ease, and create a pleasant experience for customers to encourage them to return next time. 

What Marketplacer offers is a proven track record of business success for clients from a range of business backgrounds running top eCommerce marketplace websites. We don’t just know eCommerce platforms – we also know how to deliver a marketplace strategy that will position your eCommerce for greater success.