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Intuitive Marketplace Inventory Management Software

At Marketplacer, we are committed to giving you the best multi-channel listing software. Our marketplace management software boasts organisation features like no other – allowing you to place yourself ahead of the competition. 

Take inventory with the benefit of having just one centralised platform to manage. Instead of physically managing a number of warehouses, automate the process with our product and service marketplace software.



Leverage our curation tools along with a smart data and insights module to offer a broader assortment of products and services, giving your customers an endless range and improved experience.

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Effortlessly sell more

Easily add to your site every single product your current suppliers have alongside your own products, creating your own virtual marketplace, and giving you a share of all the extra revenue generated.

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Scale without stress

More product choice equals more sales. But holding more inventory equals a high upfront cost and effort. Marketplacer helps you scale beyond physical stores and inventory holdings without wasting time and resources.

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Unified, modern selling

Quickly deploy a unified solution that is endlessly scalable, easily integrated with drop shipping from anywhere (including easy fulfilment and returns), and no limitations on warehousing or range. less.

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Why Marketplacer?

Marketplacer has been known for creating a marketplace for all types of companies and industries. We have helped these clients create marketplace app through an innovative marketplace builder. 

We are experts at what we do, and have recently been recognised as a leader by Forrester.  We made sure that there is adequate experience integration in our tools and that our multi-channel ecommerce solution is constantly adapting to the demands of the online marketplace landscape.

Global leaders in the marketplace industry

When it comes to marketplace inventory management software, we are not only the pioneer figures but also one of the global leaders. We have years of experience under our belt, and we know just what features enterprise admin, sellers, and customers want out of software as a service (SaaS).

Launch and move forward

Whether you are looking for a product or service marketplace builder, Marketplacer has you covered. We provide start-ups and even established companies with the proper workshops to launch a marketplace they are proud of. Choose Marketplacer and be part of our proven track record of successfully growing businesses.

Insightful experiences

Our team offers you the most important tool of all: we provide insight based on our past experiences in the marketplace industry. At Marketplacer, we walk you through our steps for success process to help you grow and scale your enterprise with the support you need.

Partners in technology

Marketplacer has teamed up with highly skilled software and technology partners to support your growth as a marketplace. Through their expertise, the mental and logistical costs of creating a website or mobile application have been reduced. Simply avail of our service and let them do all the heavy lifting.

for the stars

Using our marketplace inventory management software, you can manage your sellers in one place and seamless connect their inventory to your website. No matter which retailers, brands, or tribes you work with, our multi-channel software solutions have been known to generate success in the form of revenue generation and increased administrator-seller relationships.

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Frequently asked Questions

How does an inventory management software work?

marketplace inventory management software works by creating intuitive channels for both the enterprise administrators and the sellers. Using this advanced tool, details about the products and services are passed through to be analysed by the two parties. 

This way, data such as delivery ingress quantity and product per order are easily accessible as mutual information. Think of this software as a modern way to facilitate the organisation of materials for sale. Instead of manually managing paperwork and warehouse processes, the laborious work has been automated by this cross-platform inventory software.

Why do marketplaces need an inventory management software?

Marketplaces need inventory management software since all the products and services provided by the supplier need to be organised. If these goods and services are not managed through software, human error may occur. 

For instance, manually tallying items by hand can lead to miscalculation and then the overall loss of profit, not to mention the amount of time needed to take into account each product for orders being delivered.

How to set up an inventory management system for your marketplace?

Setting up a system using the marketplace inventory management software is seamless because of its user-friendly features. 

As the multi-channel marketplace manager, make use of the M Hub to set up and then operate the platform. In this dashboard, you will be able to build the marketplace of your dreams as it has all the features you will ever need. For example, the M Hub is the place where you can view the flow of orders, return of profits, and overall inventory control. 

On the other hand, the suppliers in your marketplace will make use of the M Seller Portal. In this section of the software, they can personalise their image and display their brand in the way that they want. Aside from this, the M Seller Portal can manage more technical aspects such as product inventory, delivery logistics, and even advertisements. 

Now that you are familiar with marketplace inventory management software, see what Marketplacer can do for your enterprise. Partner up with us now to start the company of your dreams or simply rebrand your existing one. Regardless of the marketplace industry you are associated with, our multi-channel eCommerce solution can definitely have a part in your internal systems.