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Organise your inventory – and grow your marketplace

Marketplacer’s marketplace inventory management software is equipped with everything you will need for proper resource organisation. Integrate this software for eCommerce sellers to build your enterprise from scratch or to improve your current one with up-to-date features. Contact us today to learn how our marketplace software solutions help you organise products and services for optimal business growth.


Who is using Marketplacer

Why Marketplacer?

Marketplacer has been known for creating a marketplace for all types of companies and industries. We have helped these clients create marketplace app through an innovative marketplace builder. 

We are experts at what we do, and have recently been recognised as a leader by Forrester.  We made sure that there is adequate experience integration in our tools and that our multi-channel ecommerce solution is constantly adapting to the demands of the online marketplace landscape.

Intuitive Marketplace Inventory Management Software

At Marketplacer, we are committed to giving you the best multi-channel listing software. Our marketplace management software boasts organisation features like no other – allowing you to place yourself ahead of the competition. 

Take inventory with the benefit of having just one centralised platform to manage. Instead of physically managing a number of warehouses, automate the process with our product and service marketplace software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an inventory management software work?

A marketplace inventory management software works by creating intuitive channels for both the enterprise administrators and the sellers. Using this advanced tool, details about the products and services are passed through to be analysed by the two parties. 

This way, data such as delivery ingress quantity and product per order are easily accessible as mutual information. Think of this software as a modern way to facilitate the organisation of materials for sale. Instead of manually managing paperwork and warehouse processes, the laborious work has been automated by this cross-platform inventory software.


Marketplaces need inventory management software since all the products and services provided by the supplier need to be organised. If these goods and services are not managed through software, human error may occur. 

For instance, manually tallying items by hand can lead to miscalculation and then the overall loss of profit, not to mention the amount of time needed to take into account each product for orders being delivered.

Setting up a system using the marketplace inventory management software is seamless because of its user-friendly features. 

As the multi-channel marketplace manager, make use of the M Hub to set up and then operate the platform. In this dashboard, you will be able to build the marketplace of your dreams as it has all the features you will ever need. For example, the M Hub is the place where you can view the flow of orders, return of profits, and overall inventory control. 

On the other hand, the suppliers in your marketplace will make use of the M Seller Portal. In this section of the software, they can personalise their image and display their brand in the way that they want. Aside from this, the M Seller Portal can manage more technical aspects such as product inventory, delivery logistics, and even advertisements. 

Now that you are familiar with marketplace inventory management software, see what Marketplacer can do for your enterprise. Partner up with us now to start the company of your dreams or simply rebrand your existing one. Regardless of the marketplace industry you are associated with, our multi-channel eCommerce solution can definitely have a part in your internal systems.